The Teacher Training Academy at Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE) is a Professional Development Training Centre for the faculty members of the school. This centre is a stepping stone towards providing a holistic professional training to teachers and other employees of the school. Keeping pace with the changing times, in pursuit of excellence, meeting the standards and providing quality education to our children, VKE’s answer to all is The Teacher Training Academy. Being a certified Cambridge Centre, the Academy offers the following courses under the expert leadership of Mr Irfan Shaikh and Ms. Ekta Batra. The following courses are being offered at the centre:

Institute is offering following courses

Cambridge International Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning (CIDTL)

This is a highly specialised, year-long course that is being pursued by sixteen candidates presently. Teachers from other schools have also enrolled for this international programme. The certification will directly come from The Cambridge University, UK.

This programme incudes an extremely rigorous and intense training for teachers that they are able to follow the international and modern techniques of teaching and learning in their regular practice. The course is driven towards excellence and aims at preparing teachers to adapt a learner centred approach through advanced pedagogical methods.

General English Proficiency Course (GEP)

In order to provide world- class education to our children, our teachers also leave no stone unturned in meeting this objective. Several teachers have taken up this course to polish their public speaking, reading and writing skills. This is an endeavour to transmit language skills to our students and upgrade the overall standard of our school. We intend to produce leaders of tomorrow and what better way than leading by example! Training in the art of oratory provides the teachers the platform to express themselves fearlessly and confidently in front of a large audience. Inspiring teachers always motivate students to emulate them.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

General and Academic IELTS training is provided for students, teachers and external candidates who wish to clear this standardised test to migrate or study abroad. This is a highly specialised and skill based training course that includes listening, reading, writing and speaking as conducted in the IELTS. Strategies, techniques and tips are provided to the students to crack the test and get high band scores.

For any queries, please refer to the details given below:

Mr. Irfan Shaikh  Phone: 9011013234, 020 6711 6393
Ms. Ekta Batra      Phone: 9764224567, 020 67111 6334