MUN is a simulation of the United Nations that aims to facilitate cooperation between countries in International Law, International Security, Economic Development, Social Progress and Human Rights issues. In the MUN, Students play the roles of delegates representing a specific country in a UN Committee. The goal of a Model UN Committee is to pass resolutions that will resolve the issues being debated.  Participation in Model United Nations promotes student’s interest in international relations and related subjects, increases the capacity for students to engage in problem solving, teaches aspects of conflict resolution, research skills, and communication skills, and creates the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. In a Model U.N. a student (delegate) assumes the role of an ambassador to the United Nations representing a country. Model U.N. students tend to go on to become great leaders in politics, law, business, education and even medicine.

Most adults find it difficult to exhibit talents and express opinions. This is due to the lack of critical skill sets which are imperative towards ensuring uninhibited progress and unwavering self-belief. The problem can be solved through exposure and orientation to such skill sets at a young age itself. Some of these include:

  • Leadership Skills such as Public Speaking and Oratory Skills, Communication Skills, Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Entrepreneurial Skills such as Lateral Thinking, Team Work and Self Promotion
  • General Awareness about Local, National and Current Affair Issues
  • Diplomatic Skills such as Lobbying, Argumentation and Collaboration

Victorious Kidss Educares has a very comprehensive Model UN Programme in collaboration with MUNWorld India. We believe that participation in MUN builds skills and attitudes necessary in this connected world. We start preparing our student early and have various programmes for different age groups.

LEAD Programme (PYP – 3 to PYP – 5)

LEAD (an acronym for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Awareness and Diplomacy) is SkillSphere Education’s flagship programme for students of 8 to 12 years old. A well-defined and systematically structured programme, LEAD is highly successful in ensuring that young students get exposed to, and develop the aforementioned skills at an early stage itself. The LEAD programme for students of PYP 3 to PYP focuses on basic communication skill development, global awareness enhancement and development of other life skills such as problem solving, decision making and analytical skills among many others. This is a yearlong programme of 18-24 hours which is conducted once a week.

Enlighten MUN (MYP-1 to MYP-3)

Enlighten MUN is a long term programme focusing on the development of essential skill sets, MUN training as well as a full-fledged MUN simulation towards the end of the programme. Students develop essential skill sets such as collaborative problem solving, public speaking, opinion development, group discussions, debating, and spontaneity among several others through various sessions involving practical, experiential as well as theoretical learning. This is followed by an introduction to the concept of MUNs, MUN procedure and then a complete MUN simulation on the final day of the workshop.

MUN Club (MYP 4 to DP 2)

The MUN Club programme focuses on training students and making them participate in local, national and international level MUN conferences. Students participate in various local, national and International MUN conferences throughout the year. The MUN Club also works towards organizing the Pune World Summit which is the flagship MUN Conference of the school. The students have successfully organized the Pune World Summit for last two years.

Pune World Summit -Model United Nations 2016

The Pune World Summit (PWS) MUN was first initiated by a student of Victorious Kidss Educares, Harsh Dubey, as part of his Personal Project in the year 2015. The school is proud to be a contributing source of student welfare helping them enhance their personal growth and global understanding. The first edition was profoundly conducted in February 2015 at Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE).

The Second edition was held on the 20th and 21st of February 2016. This edition witnessed the presence of delegates from 7 (seven) different schools which included Delhi Public School, Vibgyor NIBM, Vibgyor Kondhwa, SES Gurukul, Symbiosis, Kaanger Valley Academy (Raipur) and SNBP (Rahanti) besides Victorious Kidss Educares.

Secretary General:  Nivedita Huple

Under-Secretary General: Parthu Koppana

Head of Logistics:  Tejaswin Rajan

The Executive Board consisted of the Chairs, The Vice Chairs and the Raptors. The Chairs and Vice Chairs are the basic judges; they make sure the committee isn’t diverting from the topic but sticking to the procedure, also making sure the debate is fruitfully formal. The raptors are the ones who type all the moderated and un-moderated caucuses.

The committees that were a part of PWS MUN 2016 were:

  • UNSC (United Nations Security Council)

Agenda:  The Issue of Extremisms in Nigeria and Surrounding African Countries.

  • Chair: Pranay Jain (Symbiosis)
  • Vice- Chair: Hridai Ghatani (MYP-4)
  • Raptor: Anurag Phalke (DP-1)
  • DISEC (The Disarmament and International Security Committee)

Agenda: Demilitarization of the South China Sea.

  • Chair: Manya Agarwal (Gurukul)
  • Vice-Chair: Pavan Gupta (MYP-4)
  • Raptor: Ramya Gopal (DP-1)
  • SPECPOL (Special Political and Decolonization Committee) – The Issue of the Golan Heights.
    • Chair: Ashwath Narayan (Gurukul)
    • Vice-Chair: Vatsal Solanki (MYP-4)
    • Raptor- Tanishkka Kharadayy (DP-1)
  • SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee) – Preserving Cultures and Life-Styles of Tribal People in South East-Asia.
    • Chair: Parthu Koppana (DP-1)
    • Vice-Chair: Abhishek Huple (MYP-3)
    • Raptor: Apurv Kode (DP-1)
  • Latin American Parliament – Addressing the issue of Drug Trafficking in South America.
    • Chair: Nivedita Huple (DP-1)
    • Vice-Chair: Muskan Bagadiya (MYP-3)
    • Raptor: Shivangi Kachole (DP-1)
  • UNFCCC (The Conference of parties 22 – New Delhi) – Measures to Reduce Global Temperature and Carbon Emission.
    • Chair: Vedant Dulori (Symbiosis)
    • Vice-Chair: Savli Anant (MYP-3)
    • Raptor: Aakrti Sharma (DP-1)

During the Opening ceremony on Day 1, Robbin Ghosh, the school President, being the Chief Guest of the event delivered a speech. The Under-Secretary General introduced the EB members after which the PWS MUN was officially declared open by the Secretary General. Each of the Committees had 3 (three) winners. The Best Delegate being the 1st (first) prize winner, High Commendation being the 2nd (second) prize winner and the Special Mention being the 3rd (third) prize winner. The prize distribution ceremony was held towards the end of the conference on Day 2. This year’s edition had maximum first timers and they did surprisingly well, some even took away the awards.

The conferences on the both the days went smoothly and it was sure that the second edition of PWS MUN 2016 was a success.