Project On- Weather Forecasting


Project On – ‘How The World Works?’


Sonakshi Sanyal’s Artwork


Lollirock And The Mouselings And Others

Student from PYP 4C

MYP Virtual Gallery of Visual Arts


PYP 5 Formative Assessment


Project on ‘Sharing the Planet’

Students from PYP 2E

Summative Assessment- Mass Media

Students from PYP 4B

‘How I Express Myself’ By Ipshita Goel

Student from PYP 4D

‘Pin Pop Balloon Pie’ by Aarya Bora

Students from PYP 4A

The Day’s Creativity Was Conquered By True Heroes!

Students from PYP 5A

Project on ‘Systems of The Human Body’

Students from PYP 5

‘My School’ – A Poem by Sai Chavare

Student from PYP 2C

‘Video Game – Space Trap’ – Personal Project by Vedant Dulori

Student from MYP 5B