Admissions at IB school in Pune. Read about criteria, registration, required documents, fees, assessment for admission and application forms of IB school.
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Admissions Policy & Procedures

School Admissions in Pune

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Admissions department to inform and admit qualified students to Victorious Kidss Educares Pune in a professional and forthright manner, while maintaining the integrity of the school in pune. We aim to ensure that prospective families understand the VKE mission, philosophy and community. We also strive to give them a good initial understanding of the IB programs. All are encouraged to visit the school’s website to learn more about the School ,its unique philosophy and International Curriculum.

The Admission Team

The Admissions department comprises the Access Coordinator & Admissions Coordinators, who report to the Vice - President of the school. When appropriate, additional members of staff are also consulted.


Applications for nursery and high school admission are accepted throughout the year. Families seeking admission in Pune for their child(ren) are advised to apply as early as possible as certain classes fill up quickly. Also a lot of attention is given to the balance within a class regarding gender, language, specific needs, etc., especially when classes are close to full.

Previous experience with the IB programs is an advantage, but is not a pre-requisite for admission. If a student broadly corresponds to VKE admissions criteria, but is currently having difficulty reaching his or her full potential, the student may be admitted. .In certain cases, the child may be advised a program of additional support. This may include, for example: Individualized Personal and Social Education, Counseling, Learning Mentoring, and/or other kinds of learning support as appropriate. Such decisions remain, however, entirely at the discretion of the School.When a decision has been taken on a candidate’s application, parents will be notified of the decision by email or telephone within 24 hours.

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The Admission Applicants with specific needs

While VKE school in pune is proud to have a Learning Support program, the number of students to whom it can be offered is limited by the resources it has available at any given time. Parents or guardians of any applicant having a specific need must submit complete reports with the Inquiry Form .These might be psychological reports or speech and language reports. Students needing Learning Support may be admitted if it is believed that the school can offer appropriate support and that the children can be placed in the regular classroom. In the case where a specific need has not previously been identified, the school reserves the right to review the situation based on our capacity to address his / her needs.

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Parents seeking school admissions in pune for their children are invited to the Kharadi Campus Pune. On your visit you will participate in a free interactive counselling session that will detail the School's unique philosophy as well as the International curriculum that we have for children from 6 weeks of age.

CONTACT : CAMPUS WALK-THROUGH 9.30 am to 12 pm Monday to Friday.

Access Coordinator Ms. Vijeta Pachpor Kharadi Pune
Admission Officer Ms. Christine Paryani Kharadi Pune
Admission Officer Ms. Surbhi Karandikar Kharadi Pune
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For doing the Assessment the parents will have to buy this school Admission form at our school in Pune Kharadi.

No official decision on an application is given until the Assessment / Interaction is done.

From the time an Assessment is completed, the Admissions Department aims to return a decision within 24 Hrs depending on any further follow-up that may be required.

The final decision on all Assessments rests with theVice-President of the School.



  • PYP 2 to IBDP


  • 10.00 a.m to 11.30 a.m
  • 9.30 a.m to 11.30 a.m


  • Monday to Saturday
  • Monday to Saturday


A student's place in the school is guaranteed ONLY after
1) The assessment is done
2) A completed Admission Form (signed by the parents), Registration Fee and Deposit have been received by the school. All the relevant documents must be submitted (except in exceptional circumstances) at the time of Registration,.

Required Documents

Before a student may be admitted, all of the following Documents must be submitted

  • Admission Form - Duly filled and signed by the parents.
  • Student medical Report - Completed by a doctor upon examination of the applicant.
  • Two recent coloured passport size photographs.
  • School Leaving certificate.
  • Progress Card of the most recently completed academic year (if applicable).
  • For Preschool Nursery school - Sr.Kg : The school may ask for work samples.

Grade Placement

In general, students are placed according to their age as on June 1st of their year of entry. Where it is considered to be of benefit to the student, he/she may be placed in a lower grade than requested. Only under exceptional circumstances will a student be placed in a higher grade than his/her age group.

If a student is placed in a grade higher than his/her age-group, the parents are clearly informed that this initial placement is tentative, and that the school may advise a change of grade after the student’s abilities have beean thoroughly observed. Any change of grade would normally take place within the first two months after the student’s entry into the school. The Admission Form must be completed and returned to the Admissions Office, within 10 days of receipt, along with a Registration and Deposit for each child, in order to officially reserve the seat.

Re-registration Process

Every December the Admissions and Accounts Department gathers preliminary information about parents’ intentions for the following year through written Notifications and, where appropriate, follow-up telephone calls. This information is used as an initial basis for enrolment planning for the following year,. Parents intending to re-register their children at VKE for the following academic year must pay the First FEE INSTALLMENT , by the given deadline (usually around the middle ofDecember ) Failure to do so may result in the seat being given to another candidate. In certain cases, where there is a financial, academic or behavioral issue with a student, parents may not be invited to re-register their child(ren) until the situation has been resolved, and in extreme cases may be refused re-registration.

Fees General

The Annual Fees is set out in the Fee Schedule each year. Tuition fees is preferably payable once a year .

Follow-up procedures : There will be a special orientation day for all new students (and parents) just prior to the first day of full classes. The Coordinators and the grade heads will introduce the students to the school, its rules and regulations, and the various buildings, and will orient the students to life at VKE in order to prepare them for a smooth transition into their new school.

Each classroom teacher will continue to individually ensure a smooth transition for all new children once the academic year begins.

There is no specific orientation program for new School students arriving mid-year. Rather, each classroom teacher ensures a smooth transition for all new children.