The Teacher Training Academy at Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE) is a Professional Development Training Centre for the faculty members of the school. This centre is a stepping stone towards providing a holistic professional training to teachers and other employees of the school. Keeping pace with the changing times, in pursuit of excellence, meeting the standards and providing quality education to our children, VKE’s answer to all is The Teacher Training Academy. Being a certified Cambridge Centre, the Academy offers the following courses under the expert leadership of Mr Irfan Shaikh and Ms. Ekta Batra. The following courses are being offered at the centre:

Institute is offering following courses

Cambridge International Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning (CIDTL)

A golden opportunity available for those who have a passion for teaching and want to work in an educational organization of repute. Victorious Kidss Educares offers Cambridge training for a professional development program for practicing teachers. The Cambridge International Certificate for Teaching and Learning provides an ideal framework for anyone preparing for, or developing, their teaching or training role, whether they are full or part-time or already in teaching and wishing to enhance and update skills and knowledge. Sessions include blended learning of face-to-face lectures, classroom discussion/participation, online forum discussion, hands-on training activities, peer teaching practice and consultations.
We offer internship facility with the advantages of IB training, transport facility and a stipend to deserving candidates. So hurry, offer limited, seats filling fast!

General English Proficiency Course (GEP) for Students and Adults

This is a short term course of 4 months where students of school and enthusiastic professionals or homemakers get trained in Public Speaking. This course also includes the six skills of communication namely reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and presenting that goes a long way in personality development. Candidates get to become confident speakers and unravel the nuances of oratory and speech mechanism. So if you are shy, diffident or petrified of speaking flawlessly, come join GEP and enhance your personality!

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

IELTS or ‘International English Language Testing System’ is an international standardized test of English language proficiency. It measures an individual’s ability to communicate in English across all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. It is for people who intend to study or work where English is the language of the communication.  We provide training to professionals who wish to work or migrate abroad. Get a high band score with rigorous practice, tips and strategies for the four modules. Enroll now!

The New Zealand Tertiary College India, Mumbai

The New Zealand Tertiary College India, Mumbai provides online training in Early Child Education Course.  Our school has collaborated with NZTC, Mumbai to plan and strategize teachers of Early Years and equip them with international standard of early education.


“I feel proud to articulate you were my mentor Ms. Ekta Batra and Programme Leader Mr. Irfan Shaikh. Your unconditional support and guidance has landed me to reach this height of success “CIDTL Certification with Distinction”.
Being my Mentor was not an easy task to handle me with so many challenges. The way you carried and shaped my knowledge with new understanding from Unit 1 to Unit 3 was tremendously remarkable. Thank you so much for giving me personalized attention and encouragement towards my learning experiences. Your timely, ongoing and meaningful feedback has made my work more easier as well as effective to bring best out of me. I was not always easy to deal with, although you took an extra effort to maximize my potential throughout the journey of CIDTL. Your continuous, untiring effort and firmness brought me at this level to get sense of greatness towards you.
Your lessons, interactive classroom strategies, your variety of teaching aids and a mixture of assignments made me to come out from my comfort zone and enhanced my altitude of understanding and knowledge. Your continuous faith, strong belief and encouragement brightened my work and landed me with this success. Without your sustained and judicious help it was not possible to reach here my own. Clear explanation of all criterions made my way easier to produce such high quality of reflective writing into my portfolio.
Your confidence in me was clear visible when you assigned me a class for Citation. My respect and admiration cannot be expressed in words. You have seen me not as one of the many mentee you had, however you valued me for my uniqueness and not give –up attitudes. Throughout the Module 1 you have promoted and provided an environment where I was able to share and demonstrate my new insights based on my new learnings that have always been appreciated by you. Thank you for being genuine, open- minded, respectful, a great communicator, and a high learned personality. Words would be less to express my sincere thanks and gratitude towards you.
Once again thank you soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh Ekta Ma’am and Irfan Sir for providing such amazing platform.”   ~ Moti Kumari Jha

“I really enjoyed the whole session of GEP Class. You taught us very effectively using very interesting methods which will remain in our mind throughout.
Due to GEP Sessions my confidence level has increased, and my fluency of speaking English rises…
All the sessions were very effective and memorable though for me the final Assessment session on Speech delivery was the best as I was awarded the first prize. It was the most memorable moment of my life.  From the bottom of my heart I am thankful to Ekta Mam. You did a job fabulous job and I appreciate your positive attitude towards me. Because of you only I feel a positive change in my personality. I can never forget you mam. Thank you so much.” – Sonali Wankhade

“I am really thankful to you for giving  me an opportunity to learn English in an awesome way. The 32 session course was very fruitful for me. Each session had a specific design and was very purposefully made,well organised and well equipped with excellent preparation.
My journey of GEP started with the first session when you helped us mingle with our classmates through an ice breaking activity. I can never forget the activities you conducted to improve our skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.The tasks like drama  presentation, news paper reading ,building new vocabulary, motivational speeches, story of father of oratory, speech mechanism, written assignment for decorative language or effective conversation, use of Idioms and proverbs, pronunciation techniques and most importantly grammar, have all made me proficient in English.For me, you are my motivational Photon, the ultimate light particle in the universe! You are simply a great trainer, facilitator,English Guru, path maker of my life. Thank you for showing me the path, and I promise to continue my journey of learning.” – Pallavi Mahalle

For any queries, please refer to the details given below:

Mr. Irfan Shaikh  Phone: 9011013234, 020 6711 6393
Ms. Ekta Batra      Phone: 9764224567, 020 67111 6334