Early Childhood Development

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 Why Early Childhood Development is Important?

“The potential possibilities of any child are the most
intriguing and stimulating in all creations.”

The potential for giftedness or a high level of intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development begins very early in a child’s life. In ancient India and subsequently, in the modern Western World, the time to begin, exchanging, feeding data awareness has started from the moment, a ‘mother realizes ~ that she is going to be a ‘mother’. Recent research confirms that the first six (6) years are essential and extremely important for the development of the child’s brain (Glenn Doman ~ How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence).

World famous Buckminster Fuller states that, “All children are born genius and we spend the first 6 years of their life de-geniusing them.”  ~ Within which, the first two years are the most critical ~ (British Psychologist, Tony Buzan). Tony Buzan goes on to say that, “At the moment a child is born it’s already truly brilliant. It picks up languages, much better than a doctor of philosophy in any subject, in only two years. And it is a master at it by three or four”.  Read More

7 Little changes that will make a big difference in parenting

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There’s good, passive, la authoritative, permissive and many other styles of parenting. More often than not, preset standards about parenting styles are a labelled methodology defining the modus-operandi of this much talked-about word called ‘parenting’.

What style are you?

Labels aside, parenting is a daily affair and the dynamics pretty much change time to time. Children grow, needs change, times change and its natural that so do the parents and their beliefs adjust apropos to the situation and the circumstances. These however are modifications that happen over a period of time. The base, which we define as foundation parenting is something that begins from infancy and remains a benchmark against which we mark our successes and failures as a parent. Read More

Challenges of being a 21st Century Parent

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The 21st century has brought with it, its own set of parenting challenges. Being a parent is one of the most challenging, most interesting and yet the most rewarding job we ever undertake. This is truly a gigantic task faced by a parent in today’s fast pace of life. Today we need to tell our children, as parents or teachers, that “God’s seed is in you. You can achieve anything!” On the other, the days of innocent childhood are shaded by war, violence, drugs, human conflict. In addition they have to face the emotional conflict/ warfare of the world at home and also at the school. There is an electronic, a technological and an information revolution taking place. The shift has taken place. We may not even realize how the world has changed so rapidly and how it is impacting our kids. A spiritually connected child, in these scenarios, is always a caring and a balanced child and therefore is a treasure for the Universe. Once the child is set upon the path of ‘getting connected state’ with the supreme consciousness, there is no stopping a child. The parents can do little to eliminate external factors them; there are ways however, to help control them. Read More