Why IB? What is IB?

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Why should we send our kids to an IB School?
Why IB? What is IB?

The world our kids are going to face ~ when they grow up, is changing rapidly. To be truly successful in life, our kids need to be truthful, joyful and must have excellent character. Building these qualities in the students is possible through coupling the concepts of our Vedantic wisdom with the philosophy of IB. At the same time, we also want our kids to achieve material and financial success. The amalgamation of IB pedagogy and Vedantic teachings will, as we experience from our current kids, sure that your child is successful and will, in all aspects of life, be successful.

Today the knowledge that we learn in schools and colleges gets out-dated very in the very next (every) two to three years. All of this knowledge is, anyways, available, instantly and freely. Learning and memorizing more and more content is hardly of any use these days. To succeed in the current rapidly changing world, we need individuals who can think critically and creatively and can find solutions to problems faced by the society, nation and the world. We need to reflect if our traditional content based schooling system, which focuses only on examination and marks, (is actually) preparing our kids for this future. Are schools teaching for the conceptual understanding and building 21st century skills, or are they just focused on completing the content and competing for the top grade or percentage.

What actually matters for the 21st century children!? It is not the grades, standardized testing or teacher evaluation that matter at the end of the day. It is their character and inner strength! It is what William Butler Yeats, 1865-1939, Irish poet, says, ‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire’.

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A Fascinating Short Story!

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Word Problems of Life

You think you are good at Maths, solve this riddle…

Once upon a time, there was a very rich man who had 3 sons. He wanted to divide his property before dying. He made a will stating half of my property should go to the elder son, one-third of it should go to second son, and one-ninth to the younger one. After a span of few days, he was no more. The sons decided to take their own share and live separately. They divided all the property as it was advised by their father. But they didn’t know how to divide, the remaining part of father’s property of 17 elephants, amongst themselves. They approached many knowns and unknowns, trying to figure out how to solve this complex problem. They were troubled with the situation; they were presented with and were sincerely searching for an answer. Read More

Why do we worship God as Mother? (Part 2)

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…(Continued from Part 1)

Maya is not known because in reality it does not make sense. Because if the reality is really infinite, if something is really infinite, how could it become finite? And if you could become finite, then we have to begin questioning, whether it was infinite in the first place? If something that is one and then became many, then we still have to ask, which is real? Was that one real or these many that have appeared from it, now in front of us, are real?

So this sense of mystery or wonder, of all this one whole or from the different frame of reference, when we speak about creation means that something, which are coming out of nothing. Now that’s also a form of wonder. We might like to say, “Everything is possible. Well, nothing is impossible for God?” That is just saying it. But still how could all of this come from nothing, that’s one way of expressing our question and our wonder. And a second way is, if all of this was really one and undivided, how did it become many and divided?


At present we don’t really have to go into the metaphysics of it. But there is a lot of discussion in books, whether the one really became many or appeared to be many and so on. But we cannot deny that our present experience, the kind of world in which we find ourselves, is a world filled with various kind of things, various kind of beings, various kind of species and just to consider, even the material expanse of the world. Think about the galaxies; galaxies beyond the galaxies. Even to think about it at the material level, is just mind-boggling.

So that’s our present experience. The world in which we are, we are very big, we are all different beings, all separated from one another and also if we believe that there is some such being called, ‘God’ or higher power, we and almost all of us, believe that we are separated from that higher power as well.

To be continued…

“To be or not to be, with my Mother?”

Bibliography :

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➢ Inner Voice . Reflection, as Guided By Divine Mother Through Robbin Ghosh

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Why do we worship God as Mother? (Part 3)

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So Now We All Stand Separated… (Continued from Part 1 & 2)

Now being separated gives us some form of individuality, some amount of freedom. I think we all probably have passed through that stage, when we are growing up in the family, then going to school, or when it’s time to go to college. We have seen it in our own lives and may be in the lives of our children or our friends, that many of these young teenagers, when they want to go to college, they don’t usually wish to go to the college ~ in their own city? They just want to go to some different place. Because once you are away from the family, it just gives you a little bit of freedom, a sense of individuality. Things like, “Yes, now I am someone. I don’t have to be always, be dependent or always be a part of something; even it might be a family. I can be on my own.” Read More

The Principles for Brilliant Competitive Success, Higher Harmony, Wealth and Happiness

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It is often asked, “How do you couple Vedanta in school education?” I tell them it is primarily the question comes because we do not have adequate knowledge on, “What is Vedanta?” Because we do not know what is Vedanta, we wonder how to make it easy for children to understand. In my sessions with the children when I ask them, “Why do you come to school?” They say, “To learn”. I ask them,“Why do you want to learn?” They answer, “To have more skills, to have more abilities.” Questions therefore lead from one to the other. I ask them, “Why do you want more skills and abilities?” They reflect, “To learn more and have more skills and abilities.” So the answer leads to, “We want higher education like college and universities.” The question from me goes to them, “Why do you want to go to college and universities?” So they say, “To learn more and to get a degree, so that we can do specialised studies like Business, Computers, Engineering, Medicine etc.” So I ask them, “Why do you want to do that?” And they say, “To get a job Sir.”  My question to them then is,“Why do you want to get a job?” Their immediate answer is, “To earn money, of course Sir.” I ask them, “That means you join a school to earn money, is that it – Learning?” They nod their head up and down and smile. Here I affirm, “That is not true. Learning in the school, is not for earning money. Learning is to become a good human being, become a person of great character.” Read More

The Glorious 20th Year Of Victorious Kidss Educares Foundation Day

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“The Glorious 20th Year Of
Victorious Kidss Educares Foundation

A Journey in search for excellence. VKE today stands proudly, in Amchi Pune, as a ‘Model IB World School in Asia’.

This Grace has been showered upon the ‘School with a difference’ children, the parents, the teachers and the supporting staff members, says Founder President Robbin Ghosh , because of the blessings of the Great Masters from the Himalayas and the unique philosophy of the school of combining the rich heritage of Vedantic principles of teaching with the latest of the Western methodology of ‘Inquiry based Learning Pedagogy’, of International Baccalaureate (IB). Read More


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A Great Mystery is Revealed

I am quoting the following passage from the Gospel of Matthew in the Holy Scriptures, and it has mystified, confused and been misunderstood by many people over the centuries. It quotes,
“Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.”
You have to admit that when you read the passage it appears unjust, as it seems to be saying that the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. But there’s a riddle to be solved in this passage, a mystery to uncover, and when you know it a new world will have opened up for you. Read More

The Law Of Receiving & Giving

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We know that giving a gift is a noble act. We also need to know, as per Vedanta, that whatever we want in our life, we have to give it first. Similarly, what most people do not know, that receiving a gift gracefully, is equally important; as it elevates the giver. My understandings are based on continuous research through Vedanta, Gita, self study, meditation, and realisation through messages that I receive incessantly from God. Have you realised, we have no problem in understanding and recognising each other, as a Human being. That is because, we have realised and recognised ourselves to be a Human being. On the contrary, even when we read in all scriptures, that we are God’s children, it is very difficult for us, to see other’s, as God’s children. We do not see our husbands, our wife’s, our children, our parents, our teachers, our colleagues, our friends or our brothers, as God’s children. It is because, we fail to see the God within our own self, we fail to connect with the God within. Our journey in life, is just to do that, become one with God, in this life alone. Read More

Theory of Healing

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In the history of the mankind, over thousands of years, progress of civilization, was based on Education. Our ancient Masters and Rishis, who had discovered and had known this secret that Education is principally of two (2) kinds. The first is scriptural or from text or based on concepts, which the Masters had decided to be of inferior type. As we notice today, our Education is based primarily on texts or content of a book or a curriculum or syllabi. The other education was of Supreme Nature, which is called Experiential Learning and dependent on experiencing and making it permanent. Read More