VKE – A Model IB School ~ Parents Reflect

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VKE – A Model IB School ~ Parents Reflect

After reading the TOI newspaper coverage on January 20, 2020, you would be wondering what is so special in Victorious Kidss Educares that makes it a model IB school. It can only be felt when you meet our budding talents, our champion children. But we are not saying anything; it is their parents talking about their children, their character. A few mothers expressing their thoughts, in their own words….

Bhavika and Samaira with their Teachers(Samaira and Bhavika with their Teachers)

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Model United Nations (MUN) 2020

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Towards an Awakened India

Model United Nations (MUN) 2020

mun and vke

‘Unearthing Reality’

The Next Chapter: PWS MUN 2020: On the morning of 18th January 2020, an entirely different pedagogics and ambience was created by the teenagers of Victorious Kidss Educares, at Kharadi, Pune. These were students from, an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School with its philosophy of teaching and learning coupled with Vedanta. In a pursuit to dive down deeper and deeper in the search of truth, the whole atmosphere oozed of passion, zeal and enthusiasm as over 80 delegates from over 12 schools looked forward to deliberate, discuss, dispute and debate over threatening, significant and portentous problems that the world faces today. Read More

Paradigm Shift in the Education System

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Paradigm Shift in the Education System

Education systems are undergoing a great paradigm shift. Teaching and Learning is also evolving to cope up with the changes. There is a massive teaching and learning pedagogical revolution, which needs to be understood, teachers professionally trained and school management to implement the concepts in the hearts of the children. And why not? While everything around is changing, then why not Education? Read More

Student Council 2019-20

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VKE Student Council 2019 – 2020

On 1st October 2019, the long-awaited oath taking ceremony of the Student Council took place at Victorious Kidss Educares. The Student Council is a body that works in close coordination with teachers, parents and the management for the welfare of the school community. The event was attended by Sir Robbin Ghosh (President VKE), Mrs. Saarada Ghosh (Principal), MYP and DP programme heads, teachers and students. The preparations for the programme had begun well in advance and several students had nominated themselves for various posts related to Student Welfare, Sports, Academics, Co-curricular Activities, Event Management and the overall management. Read More

Well of Hope

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VKE contributes towards making India Plastic free Nation

“This is our small act of love for our planet”

PM Modi urged people to kick start a new revolution against plastic from October 2nd, which would be the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, and make India a plastic free nation. Victorious Kidss Educares, an IB World School installed on 27th September, 2019, the “Well of Hope”, which is the brainchild of the collaborative efforts of PYP 4 and PYP 5 students. Our compassionate and active students were deeply disturbed by the growing threats of plastic to the planet, and other living beings. While exploring the transdisciplinary theme, “Sharing the planet”, the students interacted with environmental activists, Mr. Vinod Bodhankar from Sagar Nitra Organisation. Read More

If you want something, Give it first

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Always an Eye for Social Welfare

on every Foundation Day

Our President follows the golden rule “If you want to get something, give it first”. Remembering this ancient message of Vedanta, our school and the entire team, propagates love, faith and beliefs, in the never to be forgotten philosophy of ‘giving back to the Community’. President Sir and Principal Ma’am are always joining hands with their team to contribute towards the welfare of the community.  “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love. And these small things, become great, one day” Read More

Why is it amazing to be an Underdog? – By Arjun Raj

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Why is it Amazing to be an Underdog? ~ By Arjun Raj

Our champion, Arjun Raj from PYP 5D, has very thoughtfully penned down a blog article. Let us read and find out why he thinks it’s amazing to be an underdog?

“Underdogs rejoice – why is it amazing to be an underdog? So first let me tell you what an underdog is. An underdog is when people expect you to lose, you can say it’s underestimating your capability. So, let me give you 3 reasons why it’s amazing to be an underdog. People expect you to lose but you tell them that “I will not give up”. The crowd sees that the opponent is stronger than you. So, keep them thinking that way. Let them keep cheering for your opponent, after a while they see the real you. Then you tell them “Surprised!! I am better than you think I am”. Read More

Empowering Women at VKE

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Victorious Kidss Educares Empowering Women

Professional Development of Employees

Since the inception of our school, Victorious Kidss Educares have always worked to uplift the learning standards of not just children and teachers, but also the support staff members. We stand proud today, to have support staff members, who have been with us, from the beginning of the school. The journey to keep them trained is always on.
Being gifted is primarily a product of the environment. And by the definition, given by neurosurgeon Dr Neil Harvey, the Institute for the achievement of Human Potential, the level of Intelligence could be enhanced for every human child?

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