If we want to create great kids, we have to look at their Brain

“If we want to create great kids, we have to look at their Brain”

It is easy and joyful to teach 12 months old to read or to do mathematics, better than we can. It is easy and joyful to teach a two-and-a-half-year-old encyclopedic data, even if we cannot. India has always, in the Vedic Science’ proud of producing great intellectuals. We are very proud of our babies, when they show great quality in doing great things, isn’t it? “If we want to create great kids, we have to look at their “Brain and associated mindful activities. Afterall, they do not read with their kidney or stomach. Our attention should equally go towards involving our born brilliant children, towards keeping their giftedness. 

At Victorious Kidss the teaching and learning is coupled with the latest of Western science in ‘How to make your baby very Intelligent ~ Glenn Doman” and the Rishi ‘Vyasa Shastra’ of Abhimanyu in Mahabharata and how Rama, Laxmana, Bharat, Shatrughna (Ramayana) ~ in ancient Vedantic period of India learned from Mother’s womb?  And yet, with the influx of the ‘Western knowledge’ ~ which is just about 2000 years old ~ we believe that children, in their younger age, should only eat, sleep and grow up with ‘rosy cheek, curly hair ~ “Is that you’?  

Through scientific teaching and learning pedagogy, a baby can be provided with millions of brain connections, in just thirty seconds. Indeed, we can. What can we do with a tiny baby in just thirty seconds? If we give him, ten (10) related facts, we can give him 36,28,800 bits of data for his knowledge bank. 

How is that possible?

Well, it is due to a mathematical law of combination and permutation. I did not learn about these amazing facts, till I grew up, you did not either. Understanding it is as vital as what you can do with your baby with just five data cards, in just thirty seconds, by not spending more that 3 to 6 seconds per card. And your baby is ready to lap it all up and never forget those activated brain neurons either.

Let us take five (5) different colored cards, Red, Blue, Yellow, and so on. The math people have a formula for this. It is 5x4x3x2x1 which amounts to 120 bits of data, you can combine in just thirty seconds. When you add one more card, it come to 720 ways of combining the bits of data. And with ten (10) different cards, it becomes 36,28,800 mind boggling ways to combine the data.

The basis of all intelligence is ‘facts (data)’. Without data, there can be no intelligence. Young mothers with your tiny baby, please pay attention as never before, if you genuinely want him to become a brilliant mind in future with a brain ability of an encyclopedia and of extremely high intelligence. Imagine, you have just started working online, from your home office. Your little child looks out of the window, sees a golden retriever dog, and asks, “What is that”? 

  • We can say, “Look baby, Mummy has to finish this work and then I will talk to you?” It would take you at least thirty seconds to appease the baby.
  • We can also look out of the window and say, “That is a ‘Bow-wow”. It would take at least thirty seconds to divert his mind.
  • We can also say, “That is a dog”. The answer is true, but the fact is highly ambiguous. That one word ‘dog’ could signify to a hundred diverse types of dog, from street dogs, to some smooth brown ones, to huge hairy black ones, a collie, or a small white Pomeranian dog.
  • We can also say, “That is a dog called Golden Retriever”.

The last one is the best answer and we took care to feed data to our baby’s brain, not in a casual, slip shod, sloppy, untruthful way. You would be amazed as to know what these babies’ brains can know and doing. Our ancient Rishis knew. The latest of Western Neuro specialist know to …Dr. Glenn Doman in ‘How to give your baby an encyclopedic brain’

Whereas, more than 6000 years rich Indian wisdom (Bharat) guides us, tells us that these human children have a phenomenal and the divine nature’s power and that they would, learn better than any adult, from mother’s womb itself. The fetus, in the mother’s womb, has every minute an unbelievable development and a growth chart of ‘brain neurons. These ancient Eastern discoveries ~ are now supported by the discovery in the Western Neuroscientists Buck Minister Fuller, Tony Buzan, Dr. Neil Harvey, Dr. Glenn Doman (How to multiply your baby’s intelligence ~ Dr. Glenn Doman’~ at a rate of 250,000 neurons. Which means, 15,000,000 per hour or 360,000,000 (3.6 billion or 36 Crore per day). 

Our modern and young parents need to know that and discover the potential of a genius baby born in their own home. The saddest part is that, if we do not use these brain neurons, place intelligent data for them to receive joyfully, they lose the brain neurons and soon enough, become one more like us ~ loosing most of their potential. 

Virtual Teaching and Learning has been accepted wholeheartedly by all age group champions. Victorious Kidss Educares, an IB World School wanted to generate a process of self-learning, with freedom and independence. With a sense of ‘learning to love to learn’, and we find ~ over 24 years of experience ~ our children have been unbelievably successful in doing so. Who are they? They are your children. That one seed of an apple. Just see how engrossed Parshava is, at the age of two, performing this Fine Motor skill worksheet, placing the bindis exactly on the pattern. Learned through ‘Virtual Session’ and a great Mom and supported by a great Dad ~ building a future giant.

Parshva studying in Nursery B is so happy to complete the pattern. Another activity with Mathematics ~where he must count the clips and put them on the right numbered leaf. He is so cheerful to get it just right. Learning ‘Virtually’ from home, inspired by parent can be so much fun too.

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