I have been studying IB since 10 years and have also taken up DP last two years. DP has been very important for me as it taught the same concepts that are taught in regular Indian boards, but in a completely different approach. We were never required to mug concepts in DP whereas that is the approach almost always required in other boards. We were always given broad questions that required to think pragmatically, a very useful tool in further ventures. DP has also nurtured my natural inquisitiveness, that has helped me gain more knowledge and even at a greater rate.Overall, DP has helped me shape into a holistic person who can take different approaches and find the most suitable solution in every case

Suhas Dara (DP Graduate, Class of 2016)

This is a rather informal conveyance of my immense gratitude towards everything you have done and do for me. ‘UNconvention :The Indian Edition’ has been one of the projects in my life that I have been especially passionate about. Victorious Kidss Educares and its faculty, family rather, has been instrumental in framing my life in joy, prosperity and success.
My entire life, concept of education, learning and making a difference in this very world that we live in, was quite bland until Victorious Kidss Educares happened to me. I would like to thank both of you, Ma’am and Sir for granting me the opportunity to set one of my dreams into reality and have me believe that anything pursued with dedication and sincerity would turn to reality.

Pranay Jain (Alumni)

The DP has helped me transition from a teenager to a developing adult. From the stage of choosing the subjects to pursue to the stage of writing our exams, the DP has pushed me to explore my capabilities and ignite the need to comprehend holism. After graduating from the DP, I am more confident about my opinions and I am not afraid to reconsider my thoughts; I suppose a gift from TOK. The skills that I have developed in the last two years, be it time management, organization, thinking, or communication, have given me a head start in my projects at college today. I have always felt privileged to be able to communicate myself through both writing and orating because of the IAs, essays, reports, etc. I am doubly curious than I was before because I am perpetually inclined towards understanding the workings of the world; a conferral for actively participating in the DP. The DP has molded me into a human being who is open-minded, honest, adaptable, curious, critical thinker, tolerant and self-aware. Today, I am capable of managing my college work and my household chores along with some extracurricular activities.

Saloni Dhoot (DP Graduate, Class of 2016)

When I talk about real life, real education and real me, I'd say, it all started with IB. My utterly normal childhood was spent in a small town for years. When parents decide and plan the best for you, you go with it no matter how feared your mind is. I did that. I settled my mind on taking the life's new challenge called IB which I now describe my reality. Not only was this the switching between my education levels (SSE to CBSE to IB) but also it was entirely about relocating myself into a new, challenging, adventurous and a real-world life. These two short years of IB education seem to me the longest and the most productive years I have experienced. Inspite of involving into piles of theoretical work, I was trained to perceive knowledge through the light and power of practicality in life as well. Thus, IB schooling has positively affected numerous horizons of my being like the way I have learnt to appreciate cultures other than my own.

Ishani Pawar (DP Graduate, Class of 2016

My son has been studying in VKE since he was 15 months old. I found VKE Teachers as well as non-teaching staff, very caring and friendly. As a working mother , I always considered VKE as the best place for my son in my absence. VKE not only focuses on the IQ of the child but nurtures EQ as well. VKE is truly a ‘School with a difference’ where my child loves to go. For us VKE is an integral part of our life. This is the reason why I and my son stayed back to continue his schooling with VKE even though my husband migrated overseas for his job. Though this was a difficult step for which we had to go through the pain of split and sacrifice the joy of living together. As a parent, I think holistic development of the child matters the most which I am confident my son will achieve in VKE.

Child - Sumiran Khorgade Mother - Kiran Khorgade Father - Sushvin Khorgade

A small note to express my gratitude towards all the staff and team behind the superb concert. When I saw Aman performing I felt so proud of him. Couldn't really believe it’s him. I could gauge the amount of effort taken to get kids perform so well. In fact all the last Sr.K.G performances were spectacular. The skits were so well coordinated. The live music and vocals was a great idea, it made the whole play come alive. Kids really coordinated it well. Had a gala time! It’s truly a praise-worthy effort. Keep going strong. Bless you all!

Meena Mundada

I am tremendously happy that I chose Victorious Kidss Educares for my daughter. As a working mother I was always worried about my daughter as in who will fill the void of a mother in her life, who will instill good values in her when I am at work. But all these worries vanished when I explored the VKE family. Today my daughter has all the love and warmth and right values. I thank God every moment for giving the best to my daughter in the form of this school.

Puja Gandhi