Message for the Day

Our mind, as per Vedanta, is a good servant but can be a very bad Master. Our mind is always trying to make us comfortable. Make who comfortable – this ‘I’. With that effort, it makes us isolated to only ‘me’ and ‘myself’ – desperate from others and ‘Isolation’. And we think, if we are only alone and be with ourselves, then nobody to contradict me and I will be happy. This is, as per Vedanta, is called ignorance and Mind remains as a Bad Master. Whereas thinking about ‘You’ makes us attain that tranquility, peace and happiness. Who is this ‘You’? Everyone else other than me could take us to that dream of ‘Togetherness’.

Separateness with I me and myself, takes us to ‘Isolation and Loneliness’. Thinking about you, on the other, takes us to ‘Togetherness’ and joy and happiness. Then you love to be ‘Alone’ but not lonely. You have peace within. With which, you always ‘Remember to Forgive and Forget’, everything bad in people and see the goodness alone.

The question is, “How do we attain this status”? Vedanta explains “By Meditation, longer and longer-hours, culminating a habit of service to others”.

“Everything Good is a gift from God. Everything Bad, which happens to us, is because of us having done something wrong, sometimes in the past. We therefore need to take immediate responsibility for bettering other people’s lives, immediately after we would experience that ‘Speed breakers’ have vanished from our lives. Only joy, Ananda and bliss prevails…

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