National Science Day Celebration




National Science Day is celebrated to honor the discovery of the Raman effect made by Indian physicist C.V. Raman. In 1986, NCSTC which is an Abbreviation for the National council for science and technology communication. Requested the union government to designate a day to honor the incredible discovery made by C.V. Raman. Over the years this day began being celebrated in various educational institutions and organizations that are solely dedicated to science and technology. It is because of discoveries like these and the insurmountable efforts of Indian doctors and scientists that have made such advancements possible. India in today’s scenario holds a great position when it comes to the advancement of science and technology all over the world. These great discoveries have relatively made the lives of millions of people much easier and continue to do so in not only India but also around the world.


National Science Day is celebrated every year to celebrate the importance of science and remind us of the impact it has had on the lives of humans. It also gives us an opportunity to remind ourselves of our ambition and might, how discipline, grit, and work wonders when it comes to making life easier through science and technology. National Science Day highlights the insurmountable might and intelligence of humans to have created such spectacular things and make unmatchable discoveries that began from fire to modern-day phenomena. This day is also observed in order to provide people with a platform to discuss the prevailing problems faced by various doctors and scientists in the field of science and technology and devise the ways through which we can contribute towards curbing those problems.


Victorious Kidss Educares celebrated National Science Day with a galore of activities and laboratory experiments on 28th February 2023. The essence of science is independent thinking and hard work. Students of MYP and DP not only participated in various hands-on experiments but also witnessed demonstrations given by the science teachers. Activities were planned to connect with the theme for National Science Day 2023 “Global Science for Global well-being”.


“Science is the study of facts. At the same time, science is also about discovering the world around us, of knowing things, and having new and wonderful idea.” Keeping this very fact in mind MYP1 and 2 students marched towards the labs with curiosity in the mind, spark in the eyes and excitement at its peak. Demonstrations were organized for MYP1 and 2 students to stimulate their interest across all the fields of sciences.

Students had a hands-on experience in the Physics laboratory with the investigation of Reflection and Refraction of Light, Conduction, and convection experiments. In the Biology laboratory, live demonstrations were given to MYP1 students to study the respiration rate in yeast cells, at the same time MYP2 students learnt the different principles of photosynthetic investigation.

In the Chemistry laboratory, the students understood the Electrolysis of water, the process whereby water is split into hydrogen and oxygen through the application of electrical energy. They recorded their observations in the workbooks provided with hypothesis, observation, analysis, results and conclusions.


Let’s Have A Moment Of Science | MYP-3 AND MYP-4

“Science experiments play a very crucial role in the ongoing intellectual development of children.”  In Physics laboratory, MYP3 students learnt and discussed the calculation of work done by weight force. MYP4 students used electromagnets to design investigations to match acceleration with gravity electromagnet. In the Biology laboratory, demonstrations were conducted wherein, MYP3 students learnt the respiration process in germinating seeds.

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