18th Speed Skating & Wave Board Competition

Victorious Kidss Educares participated in the 18th Speed Skating & Wave Board Competition, which was held on Sunday, the 25th of September 2016 at the Hutchings High School, Road 7, Phayre Rd, Pune. There were One hundred and sixty (160) total participants, out of which, eight (8) participants were from VKE. These included three (3) girls and five (5) boys. The competition consisted of four (4) skating styles – Beginners, Quad, Inline and Wave Board skating for the Under 5 – 16 age group of boys/girls.

The competition was tough but our champions managed to do their best. They very confidently played against opponents from ten (10) other schools and skating clubs. Five (5) out of eight (8) VKE champs skated their way to success bagging two (2) Gold medals, one (1) Silver medal and two (2) Bronze Medals along with certificates. We are proud of their determination and skill guided under the expertise of the P.E. department, believing that they will grow to become better skaters by the days. We congratulate them on this achievement.


Sr. No.Students NameClass/DivisionAge GroupPosition
1.Rudrani HarpalePYP4 CUnder-101st
2.Adarsh DineshPYP3 BUnder-101st
3.Dhwani DesaiPYP2 AUnder-62nd
4.Ashneer Kaur PannuPYP1 EUnder-53rd
5.Viren AgarwalPYP5 AUnder-103rd