Achievement by Vishwajit Gavhane

Every child is potentially a genius and as rightly quoted by Noam Chomsky, “A child is born with innate skills and potentials”. To unlock the hidden potential from within is Schooling, is Parenting.

Our champion sprinter Vishwajit Gavhane from PYP 5 B bagged a Gold medal for a 5 km marathon organised by KCF, another gold medal for a 6 km marathon organised by Pune House Marathon and a silver medal for a 10 km run at Pune University Marathon. These achievements are a result of his hard work, determination and sheer will power. As a routine, every morning Vishwajit goes for a rigorous 15 min sprinting, to improve his stamina. He plans to continue his ‘effort to excel’. He is now, preparing himself for a 21 km Marathon in upcoming events, in the month of February 2019.
Taking inspirations from Milkha Singh, his role model, he wants to continue his running. Vishwajit aims to complete 100 km marathon in a go. He is equally passionate about Football, and he practices the game every day after School. He wants to be a life-long learner and inculcate qualities such as, ‘Courage like a Lion’, ‘Strength like a Mountain’, and ‘Persistence like an Ant’. This is not the first and won’t be the last, as many more medals are to come in the astonishing journey of his life.
We congratulate the proud parents ~ Deepali & Rahul Gavhane. We congratulate the teachers of Vishwajit Gavhane for their support and encouragement. Victorious Kidss Educares nurtures the students, finds their talent and give them the ‘Wings to Fly’.

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