Achiever Swaraj Bhondave from MYP 1 A

Day in, day out, our champions at VKE strive to inch a step ahead towards improving their talent arsenal. When equipped with the right tools and the freedom to choose, there is no guessing which aspect or genre of life they would persist and excel in. One of our gifted inquirers of MYP1-A and an aspiring air pistol shooter Swaraj Bhondave, has set such a milestone by delivering a neck-to-neck performance and bagging a Silver in the ‘Pune Zonal International School Rifle Shooting Competition’ held at Sitabai Thite College of Pharmacy, Shirur on the 10th of November.  12 other participants from around 7 districts competed in this Under-14 age group and Swaraj scored a solid 355 out of 400 points displaying high level of accuracy and good persistency.
Swaraj, after been pursuing air pistol shooting for about a year, has refined his skills at an impressive pace for someone who is just 11 years old. He was selected for the Zonal level after his very first Interschool School Air Pistol Shooting victory and after this Zonal level win, which was also his first Zonal game, he has been selected for the ‘State level Rifle Shooting Competition’.
We all believe that Swaraj will continue his winning streak and keep marching forward, aiming for the Bullseye of perfect score.
As a parent, as a teacher, it is our responsibility to make our children realize that the fruit of their own hard work will always be the sweetest, that “if they put their mind to it, they will discover the secret power from within!”. They are to be guided to set a goal for themselves, set their mind to it and keep working and with The Divine Blessings, they shall achieve whatever they set their heart to it.

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