The Day’s Creativity Was Conquered By True Heroes!

The dynamic PYP 5 of Victorious Kidss Educares recently engaged in digging through the hidden recesses of their brains to unlock their immense creativity. Under the current unit ‘How we express ourselves’, these champions are inquiring about heroes and how our lives and values are influenced by our choice of heroes.

On this learning journey, the students of PYP 5 A, harnessed all their skills and created a Mind-Map that reflected their understanding of the unit. They organized and presented their thoughts, ideas and opinions through this power-packed graphic organizer that not only impressed their peers and teachers, but also was an epitome of true potential. Their contagious enthusiasm was visible throughout the activity which helped them make a wide range of connections within their own ideas as well as with real life.

Kudos to the young VKE champs whose winning creativity conquered our hearts!