Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE) celebrated the Annual Day function for the Play Group, Nursery, Junior KG children on March 2nd, 2019. It was an extravagant and a completely entertaining display put up by our little champions throughout the evening. The place was beautifully decorated with a piece of art depicting the Gateway of India, placed at the entrance.  With the theme of Incredible India, the golden heritage of our country was displayed. Our tiny tots were all draped in beautiful cultural outfits to showcase their talent. The auspicious day initiated with traditional lamp lightening ceremony as a tribute to Mother Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. Our chief guest, Dr. Piyush, Sir Robbin Ghosh, Saarada Ma’am and our core team members came on the stage to light the lamp. The cultural evening started with the Welcome Dance, Ganesh Vandana. The little angels looked so cute and pure that everyone was captivated. It felt like the poetry of footsteps, on a blend of cosmic tune and divine music.

There were four avid travelers from different countries, who came to visit different states of India. They all came to explore this incredible country, and met during the flight and departed from Mumbai Airport. Each one of them had a plan to visit different states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bengal, Punjab and Goa.

Dance is the most beautiful form of expression of human feelings, dancers are the messengers of Gods.

–Martha Graham.

A beautiful lotus dance performance took place by our budding artists from PG1 with their mothers. This surely was an overload of cuteness.

India has a diversified culture. Each state of India has its own charm, the people from each state has a different way to bring out their feelings and traditions. May it be Maharashtra, Gujrat, Bengal, Punjab or Goa. Each state reflects the core of colorful India. To get the zest of each state in a unique way, the travelers went to all these different locations. One traveler went for a Maharashtrian wedding, and was stunned to see the foot tapping performance on “Navrai Majhi”.

One of them went to the eastern part of India, Bengal. The culture of West Bengal is renowned worldwide for its richness and variety. They are well known for their passion for music and dance. Our nursery angels performed the Bengali dance. The next destination was Gujrat, where Navratri festival was going on, everyone got lost in those melody dipped music notes of Kamairiya. Another traveller Victor reached Goa, and was overwhelmed to see young boys dancing on the beach. Here, we were at the Goa carnival, with tourists from all around the world. So, let’s see how our bright sparks of nursery took us around the Goa carnival. It was followed by Sir Robbin Ghosh’s speech. He appreciated the efforts of all the teachers and participants. He explained how our school embeds Vedantic philosophy with IB, for building character in every child. His golden words of wisdom are always an inspiration and teach us the best lessons of life. Next in row, were our little communicators of Jr K.G. who showed a glimpse of beautiful and joyful peacocks.

The next traveler went to Punjab, where he was surprised to see the energetic performance by the bold and the lively folks of Jr. KG kids, who performed on the famous Punjabi number, “Ho gayi teri Balle Balle”. Everyone in the audience applauded the mesmerizing performance. After that all four tourists met again at the Mumbai airport and they were amazed to hear each other’s experiences. They said, “We are proud to be a part of India”. To salute the great and rich heritage of India, they performed on “Rang de Basanti” song. The program concluded with Saarada Ma’am’s speech, who is the heart of our school. It was truly a super energetic and unforgettable evening for everyone present.

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