Founder’s Day 2017

Victorious Kidss Educares celebrated its Founder’s Day on Saturday, the 24th of June 2017 with great pomp. The campus was adorned with tremendous energy with sincerity, care, attention, balloons and beautifully placed masses of white flowers.

The Founder and President, Sir Robbin Ghosh was welcomed with joy. The program began in traditional style with prayers, a Bengali dance performance, followed by a beautiful welcome song sung by the music teachers. A video of heartfelt birthday wishes from Sir’s close friends and family members was then presented in front of the whole school; which visibly brought waves of memories and nostalgia in his heart. The atmosphere was then brightened with an enthralling Persian dance performance that amazed everyone. There was a lineup of Bollywood songs joyfully sung by some of the loving teachers. This was followed by teachers expressing their love and happiness towards the Founder, dancing to the tunes of “Glad you came”. The turn of events led to a speech of the Founder who expressed his gratitude towards the whole school for making his birthday a memorable one. His message to the teachers, staff and devotees were to establish firmly three things and live them with total commitment and sincerity. These were to establish truth, to have in one’s own self and have faith in God, who is always there in the form of our Heavenly Father, our Heavenly Mother and our Friend. To take the words of Swami Vivekananda and keep reflecting on them, “True success comes from establishing Purity, Perseverance and Patience.” He quoted Paramahansa Yogananda that when the thorn of suffering is creating misery in your heart; take it out with a thorn of meditation. He asked all to know that we are all brothers and sisters in this journey together to guide the children to discover the secret power from within them – which is schooling, which is parenting. He reminded that one lion created by you could change this country and not millions of sheep.

The cake cutting ceremony was held in the presence of the children, parents, teachers and other staff members of the school and delicious cupcakes were distributed to everyone.

Sir was presented with flowers and good wishes by students, parents and staff members, throughout the day. A sumptuous platter of lunch was organized for all the teachers, staff, the entire support staff and the drivers. The entire school and staff had a great celebration and a day to remember.