Exceptional IB MYP V 2019-20 Results

73 Students Appeared ~ 100% 1st Division

IB World Topper Rank – 56/56

Ten (10) Above 96.5% ~

Twenty-One (21) Above 92.22%

When steadily raising one’s own level of aspirations and expectations is made a habit, flaming victory becomes a routine. As IBMYP 2019-20 gets crowned for their tenacious efforts. It is celebration time once again at Victorious Kidss Educares. VKE students spotlight their regality again with a sparkling 100%-win in IB MYP, Examination 2019-20. Out of 73 students~ who appeared, all students cleared the exams with a First division. Twenty one (21) students excelled by scoring above 50 out of 56 points (above 92.22%). These stunning results validate and confirm the VKE’s assurance of providing the best learning opportunities to thrive in the competitive and changing World. The results reflect the commitment of each student and dedication of every teacher, as a testimony to the impeccable grooming and systematic implementation of the MYP Programme. These results are only possible, when you connect to the power from within.

Our top scorer and IB World Topper, Tanishka Shah, achieved a perfect score of 56/56.  3 of our other top scorers achieved a commendable 55 points out of a possible 56 (three students ~ 98.22%). Other high scoring students included 6 who attained 54 points (96.5%) each. 3 students on 53 (94.7%) points, were as 4 students secured a 52 (92.9%). Receiving the successful result in this time of melancholy made the students confident, courageous, determined, motivated, and inspired. The toppers are a true representation of everything that we stand for at VKE– these hard working, articulate young people are product to the school and an inspiration to India, to the world and all of us. These mighty students displayed the power from within, despite no Face to Face (F2F) contact for the three (3) most important months, prior to the final assessment. They left no stone un-turned to enhance the glory of the power of ‘Self in Vedanta’ and in turn to the school with their focused attention. The talented team is all geared up to perform equally well in their upcoming IBDP journey. It will indeed be a privilege for the school to pass on its gems to the corporate world and the world outside to continue to perfect themselves, into precious stones. 

Speaking of the graduating class, Head of MYP ~ Ms. Jaya commented: “It has been  privilege to witness each one of these students develop both personally and academically over the past few years. Today, we have a cohort filled with kind, confident, talented, globally – minded and ethical International leaders, each of whom we are confident will lead and excel in their chosen career paths. Indeed, despite the uncertainty around the world at present and ever-increasing obstacles they have faced over the past months, the results of their resilience and hard work are clear today. We wish them the best of luck and success in their future endeavors.” Some words of wisdom as they move on to next chapters of their lives: MYP Coordinator Mr. Vishwajeet says it is important to deliberately offer young students challenges, knowing full well that some of the challenge will be daunting. Exposure to challenge, in a secure environment and appropriately reflected upon, can awaken a self-belief and resilience which can be transformative. VKE students immerse themselves in a new culture and a way of life whilst they learn about their host community, and ultimately, themselves. “As you leave your prestigious institution, as you march forward with your life, as you seek to pursue your future, as you seek to become change-makers, go and seek power, go and seek knowledge, for knowledge is power.”

The Principal, Ms. Saarada Ghosh ~ like ‘The Mother’ ~ shares her elation with the ‘MYP Team’ and the students. She said that with Almighty’s grace and blessings and under the able guidance of our ‘Team’, the students have, with their day to day growing up, progressing in leaps and bounds and realizing their own power from within. The meticulous efforts of the parents, teachers and the students have stood and borne fruit. The school is proud of its stakeholders. She also shared that this achievement is a milestone before many more to come. The accomplishment has a huge investment of midnight oil burnt by the students to beat the tough competition.

“We wish to congratulate all members of the Class of 2019-20 and their teachers for their excellent achievements in the IB MYP (10thStandard) results. It takes the shared efforts, dedication and perseverance of all to achieve such an outstanding results, which sit well above the world average. We are immensely proud of their success in the MYP.” ‘The Saga of Victory Continues at VKE’. Being hardworking,  diligent and sedulous results in to ‘being victorious’! The synchronized effort, relentless to the challenging work and dedication along with commitment of every VKE student have been crowned with success, bringing laurels to the school adding another colorful leaf to the unending narrative of VKE’s prodigious accomplishments. Victorious Kidss Educares believes in the holistic growth of every child and all-round education in academics, sports, technology, civic awareness, and the performing arts. This culture is reflected in VKE’s #1 ranking under the parameters of academic reputation and co-curricular education. We believe it is the collective journey with teachers, parents, and students to produce good citizens equipped with lifeskills and academic competence that helps consistently win national & international accolades and respect. 

“As per Vedanta ‘We are potentially ‘Divine ~ born as human beings to express the human excellence, the ‘Divinity from within’. Schooling and parenting are to empower our children, the next generation to make this world a harmonious and pleasant place to live in. We must remember, ‘in teaching our children, we are also teaching the mother and the father of our grandchildren ~ the future of ‘tomorrow’. It is a humbling thought ~ says Sri Robbin Ghosh, the President of the IB World School. A Royal Salute to the today’s Super Stars and Team MYP who molded them and made part of the dream ‘happen’…!

A Brief By The Principal Ms. Saarada Ghosh:

Victorious Kidss Educares, was authorised to implement the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme in the year 2010. Since then we have been following the program and its unique pedagogy authentically which has resulted in students graduating from their Standard 10th ~ with laurels. The MYP is a framework for learning that emphasizes on intellectual challenge and is designed to enhance future readiness of the students. It encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real life in the world outside, preparing them for success in further study and in life. Students in an IB classroom are empowered to ask challenging questions that will focus their research and learning, ultimately teaching them the concepts.  Research shows that students participating in the MYP: build confidence in managing their own learning, learn by doing, connect the classroom to the larger world, outperform non-IB students in critical academic skills, thrive in positive school cultures where they are engaged and motivated to excel, and develop an understanding of global challenges and a commitment to act as responsible citizens.

With close to 24 years of experience in this field, searching for an ideal concept of education, VKE wanted to bring back the knowledge of the Vedanta to the present world. Victorious Kidss Educares, proceeding on the guidelines given by Swami Vivekananda 132 years ago, blends the Vedantic teachings with western science in order to get the dream realised. Today our students, with their realised power from within through Vedanta, without impairing their religious faith, are impaired and perusing their higher studies in some of the top national and international universities in the world. They are standing out with higher and higher perfections with a knowledge, “Perfection has no limit”.


An MYP education:

  • addresses holistically students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being.
  • provides breadth and depth of understanding through study in eight subject groups.
  • requires the study of two languages (language of instruction and additional language) to support students in understanding their own cultures and those of others.
  • empowers students to participate in service projects within the community.
  • helps to prepare students for further education and eventually the workplace.

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