Celebrating the Success of IBDP (Grade 12) Results at Victorious Kidss Educares


We are gratified to share our prominent moment of 100% success and congratulate the graduating class of 2020 for a brilliant set of result in their IB Diploma Programme Examination. The 2018-20 batch of champions have achieved another significant milestone in their journey at Victorious Kidss Educares!

VKE wholeheartedly appreciates the students, teachers and parents for their dedicated efforts towards this remarkable success. The fruits of the hard work are reaped through the results. Our teaching and learning is an unique blend of IB Curriculum and Vedic wisdom. We being part of a great Indian tradition of Vedic education system and its values, believe in knowledge that leads towards self-realization & freedom of thought, not only to crack examinations but also to be a ‘great human being’ and learn the essential skills of life to remove sufferings. Our IBDP students are able to outperform other students wherever they go in future. The impact of the programme is best exemplified, through their performance on the global level where we have achieved results higher than international benchmarks.

In addition to the customary 100% passing record, Tasneem Godhrawala has scored an outstanding score of 44 grade points out of 45!! Krishan Glover has attained another impressive score of 43 points out of 45. Yash Kotecha has also performed remarkably very well with a 42/45 grade points, whereas Karan Shah has scored 41/45 in the Diploma Programme, May 2020. It’s remarkable that there is a significant increase in the overall cohort performance! The collaborative planning of DP teachers, the short term and long term evolution of our teaching and learning practices, the school has gone to great lengths to consider ways to enhance ‘learning engagement and skill building in classrooms’. ‘Setting own goals’ and taking every opportunity to ‘reflect on’ and ‘evaluate work’ has become a regular affair and this will remain ingrained in the minds of students for life now. Infact when we look at the journey of Diploma Programme, we feel Group learning and a student-centric approach has created a new spark in the entire process.

The ways of work and learning in Diploma Program (DP) of IB, is not just a brand, it’s a philosophy which has been deeply embedded in the students and teachers.

Our graduating students have already gained successful placements and scholarships in the best universities across the world. As we celebrate the glorious results of IBDP, I can avow with great pride, that the students of VKE are much more than the mere sum of their IB scores. They are the future entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, researchers, engineers and scholars in their fields. The persistent victory of students has been a testimony to the fact that high acievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.

As rightly said by Swami Vivekananda~ We want that education, by which, character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand proudly on one’s own feet.

We would particularly like to congratulate the Top Performers of Victorious Kidss Educares who have achieved the outstanding and stellar results.

Once again, we thank you as our parents, teachers and students for their hard work and grit to achieve this academic excellence. We wish the Diploma Programme graduates all the very best on their momentous achievement.

Warm Regards,


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