Independence Day Celebration 2019

The flying colours of freedom and joy hoisted very high at Victorious Kidss Educares on August 15, 2019, celebrating the ‘73rd Independence Day’. The day highlighted ~ the never to be forgotten, the glory and sacrifices made by the great martyrs, the warriors of India. At Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE), the students performed a series of brilliant acts like theme play, dance, speeches, songs and other enactments to uplift the sense of Human Excellence, ‘One-ness and Nationalism’ in all our hearts. The day witnessed a large number of the audience singing the song of freedom ‘Vande Mataram’ in equal harmony. 

The stage, entrance and whole ambience were not just articulately decorated, but great paintings electrified the ambience and heroism. Everyone in the crowd welcomed our honorable Chief Guest, Rtd. Lt.Gen. Abhijeet Guha and his wife along with the Guest of honour Capt. G.K Kaushik, VKE President Sir Robin Ghosh, and Principal Ma’am Mrs. Saarada Ghosh.  The event started with a flag hoisting ceremony exactly at 9 AM, where everyone stood tall to salute our tricolour and felt proud to sing the national anthem. It was followed by an act of felicitation to our esteemed guests.

The program was anchored and executed by our own PYP IV students, who stole everyone’s heart away. Their voice was boosted up with the power of wonderful glory and energy of freedom. The students along with their parents were gathered together to embrace and capture the beautiful moments of our Independence Day celebration and became one with their patriotism for the motherland. The program centered around arousing a sense of responsibility amongst our young generation towards the hard-earned freedom, and not consider Independence Day as another holiday from school. This fact touched the minds of the old and the young, men and women and everyone alike. There was a role-play depicting a family where grandparents explained the grandchildren the importance of Independence Day. It was followed by a patriotic group song from film Raazi. Rtd. Lt. Gen. Abhijeet Guha was invited as a Chief Guest of honour for the day. He addressed the large audience and inspired all the independent minds with his powerful speech. He said ~ ‘the kids of our nation should compulsorily go to school to celebrate ‘National Independence Day’ and they should always remember the sacrifices of our national heroes’. He also mentioned the message from Mahabharata, that the pen is mightier than the sword. The students of IB PYP 4 presented an energetic performance dipped in patriotism and excitement. This enactment showed hope and a sense of responsibility towards our country. Next dance performance on melody, “Teri mitti mei mil jawa” was so heart touching that audience couldn’t stop applauding.

Today’s children wondered, that Freedom Movement took place at the time when there were no modern means of communication ~ phone, mobiles, etc. Isn’t it truly exceptional? A high beat dance praying Lord Ganesha with Manjhira took everyone’s spirits to another level.

Next in the flow was the portrayal of ‘Bharatanatyam’ dance executed by students with so much grace, love, and affection for ‘Mother’ India. The school started to echo with a feeling of patriotism in all the corners. The wonderful art of fusion dance glorified the stage. The enthusiasm spread all over with the mesmerizing and melodious performance. Everyone’s eyes were shining with glory and brilliant expectation of an emerging ‘Great India’. Our VKE President Sir Robbin Ghosh concluded the event by appreciating the performers and remembering the success story of our freedom fighters. His insightful words of wisdom outraged all sorts of misconceptions of human excellence and showed us the way to discover the light from within. His teachings of Vedanta encourage us about the infinite possibilities of self-confidence by unleashing the power ‘Shraddha’ in our hearts at all the time. The only important thing is to believe in yourself and stick to the Truth.  

India was known as “Sone ki Chidiya” in  the past. We all are required to work towards similar glorious future, where India will once again conquer the world, by continuously evolving in all fronts, especially in areas of ecology, economy, scientific advancements and technologies while staying connected to our rich ancient heritage of Vedanta and inner-intelligence. We at Victorious Kidss Educares couple IB (International Baccalaureate) with Vedanta to give wings to students while staying connected with our roots. The students are guided to discover and “Express the Divinity from within” and use that secret power to help the mankind. To make this world a better place to live. We work to create a more dynamic, filled latest of infrastructure, a peaceful world. Such preparations, research and knowing about our rich history, filled with British rules, related Raj and oppressions, sufferings and events inspire us to take the pledge for the sacrifices to be made, .That it is time for growth and prosperity of our nation, to become true citizens and take all the vows, the responsibilities as next generation, on our shoulders; to make India the conqueror in this 21st century itself? At the end of the event, with a spirit of victory, the team thanked the audience and everyone walked out of the hall as proud Indians.

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