Inter-School Music Competition

On Monday,16th February 2016 a team of 17 students, 9 students from MYP and 8 students from PYP, participated for the ‘SwarShankar’ Inter school Music Competition conducted, which was held at Indira National School, Pune. There were a total number of 16 schools, across Pune city participating for this competition. Our school stood on the 4th position (Consolation Prize). Shreyash Nage from PYP 5 was appreciated by the juries for playing the best Keyboard among all the participants.
Its an appreciable achievement by the students and our music teachers. Its an Encouragement specially for MYP students when they aren’t a regular practitioner of music. ITS CERTAINLY THE STRONG ROOTS THAT BALANCES THE GIANT TREE.

Congratulations to the team!