Save the Earth, Save the Environment, Save Humanity!

The Champion Students of MYP 1 made conceptual models for their Service Activity to create awareness among people on various global issues. This project beautifully mirrors our school’s philosophy on “Conceptual Learning”. Conceptual learning is quite different from the traditional ‘content based teaching methods’. Here, at Victorious Kidss Educares, we strive to help our children think logically and make connections through the ‘Concepts’. Although each concept deals with a different learning, it is simple for teachers to creatively make learning outcomes effective. It’s a technique to get students to think a little deeper. When we see a cold glass of milk inside the refrigerator, we feel like drinking it. We see the milk which is the content. We do not see, beyond the content of the milk and that is the butter which is hidden within the milk. The concept of the butter hidden within the milk, when an intelligently trained, smart teacher who has learned, the conceptual learning- IB way coupled with Vedanta, it makes everyone think. Concepts makes people think, children become critical and creative thinker.

Just as we cannot separate the whiteness of the milk- and if we do we cannot call it milk. Similarly, human children are born thinkers, creators and are born to win. Conceptual teaching and learning makes the teachers, children and parents things like learning, knowledge, questioning, loyalty, love, sacrifice, being knowledgeable etc.

In this session, carefully and intelligently, the Conceptual Teacher took the children across the impact of environmental problems, related to environmental pollution including loss of soil fertility and incorrect way of disposal of harmful waste, deforestation and removal of vegetation cover etc. Our students focused on how environmental changes pose a serious threat to survival of all living being on our beautiful planet Earth. Their slogans echoed proud environmental messages like – ‘Save the Earth, Save the Environment, Save Humanity’, ‘Be Safe, Go Green!’. They made connections not only with their own neural centers but they also made connections with each other through another Conceptual Learning called Collaborations.

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