Tvisha Chothani claims Bronze

Tvisha Claims Bronze ~ At State Invitational Karate Championship!

In this special age of scientific advancement and technology, when children can easily get swiped away by the use of smartphones; seeing a youngster doing a lot of kicks and punches, flying sidekicks, breaking boards or even kicking a standee bag without a stop~ can surely bring terror to even the bravest of parent— especially if they think, the furniture’s at home could that be the next in her board breaking list…? Well, that is not true at all.
Tvisha Chothani, the rising star of Victorious Kidss Educares (PYP 4 B) has won a Bronze medal at 21st Maharashtra State Invitational Karate Championship (Kumite Style) which took place in Baramati on Sunday 25th August 2019. This 8 years old super kid is from ‘Sports Science Academy’ where she is learning the art of ‘Karate’ from the age of 6. She has now successfully accomplished ‘Green Belt’ in a short span of time.
Martial Arts like the ‘Karate’ helps to build a child stronger. It is the way to learn to develop the true potential from within the child by indulging in sports. It provides a great opportunity for every child to manifest the spirit of self-awareness, self-confidence, and boost in them a higher stand of self-esteem all the time. Today, we share, therefore, our greatest regards and congratulate Tvisha Chothani and her proud parents for her undefeated glory of success.

Come up, O lions, and shake off the delusion that you are sheep; you are souls immortal ~ Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached…We at Victorious Kidss Educares, an IB World School, believes in success for every child, by discovering the hidden potential from within.

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