Our student Vedant Dulori, of MYP 5B, has worked on his personal project product, which is a ‘Video Game – Space Trap’.

About the Video Game
Vedant has made this video game through software called Unity. Unity is one of the best software across the world for creating video games. The video game has 6 levels (the level of difficulty increases as the level increases) and the theme of the video game is that there is a space ship that is been attacked by various asteroids and the player has to save the spaceship from exploding. At the same time player has to reach given score in specific time so that he/she can advance to the next level. The controls of the game [W/up arrow (move up), A/left arrow (move left), S/down arrow (move down), D/right arrow (move right) and mouse button to shoot] help to enhance the hand motor skills. While, thinking skills are enhanced when the player has to reach a score in given time.

About Vedant’s new learning experience
“While creating this video game I enhanced many skills such as communication skills, thinking skills, programming skills, self-management skills, research skills and many more. Through creating video game I learned many things but the most important thing I learned was about C-Sharp programming language. While creating the video game I got introduced to a new programming language called C-Sharp. After creating the video game, I know have basic knowledge about C Sharp. The video game is called “SPACE TRAP”. I published this video game on blog so that it is accessible to people across the world.”- Vedant Dulori

Playing the video game
Click this link to play the game.