Proud Parents of IBMYP World Topper

Proud Parents of IBMYP World Topper

“It is an amazing feeling of being a proud father and mother of the World Topper by scoring perfect marks of 56/56. We are so proud of Tanishka that she could live up to the expectations of her teachers, family, Dr Ghosh Sir & Saarada Ma’am. Both Sir and Ma’am have created a rich culture of love, honesty, moral values, spiritual understanding, excellence, team spirit, enthusiasm, and creativity at VKE which gets inculcated in every growing mind here. IB’s 10 learner’s profile, attitudes and skills are not only practiced by teachers and students in day to day life but it gradually changes atmosphere at home and parent’s perspective towards many things in a great way. That is the power of union of Vedanta and IB at VKE which we have witnessed and are experiencing since the last 10 years.We still remember Tanishka’s 9-year journey with VKE. When we took our decision of Tanishka’s admission in Shukrana campus of VKE for her PYP 2, there were many challenges like distance to travel to school, financial commitments till her MYP V & DP, completely innovative approach of education of IB Board etc. After sharing our concerns with you Sir, you just said, “your daughter’s karma has brought you here so do not worry, things will get organised through you. Just believe in the Supreme who guides us all.” We kept 100% trust & blindly followed what you said Sir and today we proudly confirm that it was worth it.

We have experienced complete transformation in Tanishka during her journey in VKE. It is not only an academic excellence, but her overall development really surprises many including us. Her optimistic approach, self-motivation, confidence, honesty, caring & loving nature, clarity in thoughts and maturity outshines her from others. Her self-discipline, dedication towards excellence, attitude of being responsible for her learning inspires everyone around her. We feel the X factor which influenced her personality was the Vedantic Principles and International mindedness nurtured in VKE.

Despite being a mother, I learned so many things about my own daughter from her teachers at VKE. Be it Khushboo Ma’am or Rama Ma’am in PYP OR Sudhi Ma’am & Archana Ma’am in MYP… all her Homeroom teachers for the last 9 years were like her second mother at school. Because of Tanishka’s love for her teachers & learning atmosphere at school, she comfortably travelled 60 Kms every day during her entire PYP without any complaint. We were peaceful at our workplaces because everyone at VKE took care of Tanishka lovingly and tapped her true potential. We are especially thankful to Thakur Sir & entire sports department who transformed Tanishka’s personality and made her physically as well as mentally tough & strong which helped her to win state level Javelin championship. Moreover, Vishwajeet Sir not only sensed her acting talent but groomed her to deal & express her emotions through Drama and took it to the level of commercial theatre play.

Jaya Ma’am insisted on sending Tanishka to visit top 5 universities in US & NASA where her dreams and vision expanded and motivated her to set goals for her future career. It’s not just about academic excellence but Vishwajeet Kumar Sir challenged her and brought her hidden talent of writing Poems and drawing sketches which was an absolute surprise for us. Let it be Personal Project OR E Portfolio during MYP V, Mentors like Neeraj Sir, Sampatti Ma’am, Pooja Ma’am & Archana Ma’am pushed Tanishka to the edges, did not compromise in perfection & worked harder than her to bring out the best in her. We feel students, staff & parents here at VKE enjoy a warm, caring community that fosters the highest standards of academic, social, and emotional growth of every child. We are sure most of the parents feel the same way. Thank you is just not enough to express our gratitude & feelings towards everyone at school. Our words will fall short to mention every teacher’s contribution in Tanishka’s development. Tanishka could score 56/ 56 because of able guidance from expert teachers of VKE without any external tuitions/ coaching. So, in the crucial years of DP which are going to decide her professional career, the only best choice for us is VKE. We are truly overwhelmed with Tanishka’s achievement and sincerely thank you for bringing out the best in her.” ~ Aaditi and Abhijeet Shah

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