Raising the bar for Indian Education

Outstanding Results of 2019-2020 Batch

Raising the bar for Indian Education

The best way to predict the future is to create it!

For Victorious Kidss Educares, an IB World School excellence is not an act, but a habit. The difference is the knowledge within these very special group of youth ~ labelled ‘victorious’. They know this is the road to excellence. They have respect for the journey, to the pedagogy, to their teacher and most importantly to the treasure ~ as is promised in ‘Vedanta’ ~ within their own ‘self’. They are immune to the pandemic, which stirred up the whole world, just like the imaginary ‘World War III scenerio’ would? With their ‘shraddha’ for their own self, strengthened by pedagogy of IB and wisdom of Vedanta, they used all resources to relieve the problems of people around! Despite the global pandemic situation, there was no panic seen in their heart. Instead education was re-invented and transformed, discovered that hidden power of theory and knowledge, unknown to most.

VKE’s Vision:

VKE’s vision to inspire success is not limited by perceptions or past benchmarks. It is not doing better than last year, but as it is explained in Vedanta ~ grabbing hold of ‘what you already have’ and letting go of what you never had ~ you do not have’ ~ (Praptyasya Prapti and Nivrityasya Nivriti). What does that mean? Letting go of ‘ignorance’ which was never yours ~ grasping, taking hold of ~ What was always yours. You are that ‘excellence’ in humanity, wisdom and all possibilities of richness already within.

During Lockdown:

Our Principal, Heads, Coordinators, and Teachers left no stone unturned to continue teaching and learning with unwavering focus and undivided passion. Our mighty students displayed their tenacity, their resilience, the never ‘give up attitude’ ~ so essential to success in future. To discover that wealth, they always had ~ hidden potential from within by adapting to the pandemic situation and the new normal. Despite no Face to Face (F2F) contact for the three (3) most important months, prior to the final assessment, the MYP and DP champions have amazed the parents of the world with their brilliance.

With the importance of strong relationships enshrined in VKE’s Mission statement, priority has been given in replicating the classroom feel and ensuring time together despite separation. Students are offered regular mentoring sessions, imbibing the values of academic honesty, and strength of character alongside academic excellence, as they meet the end.


As per Vedanta, ‘We are potentially Divine ~ born as human beings to express human excellence, the ‘Divinity from within’. Schooling and parenting are to empower our children, the next generation to make this world a harmonious and pleasant place to live in. Swami Vivekananda invites and challenges the youth, “We want that education, by which, the character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand proudly on one’s own feet”.

IB Accolades:

On July 14, The Economic Times recognized the IB in Best Education Brands 2020 report for its support within India’s education sector

The Economic Times recently released their Best Education Brands of 2020 annual report, recognizing The International Baccalaureate (IB) for its positive contribution, advancement and innovation within the educational sector in India, which is home to approximately 1.13 billion students and serves one of the largest and youngest populations in the world.

Sky-rocketed Success of VKE Students

Children thrive when there is structure and struggle when there is chaos. When students sense or see that classes follow a structure, and the curriculum and class materials have been prepared beforehand, it provides them with a greater sense of security. A school’s commitment and individual approach to education is critical when it comes to a child’s academic success. VKE students with their principles of academic honesty and meritorious academics have once again brought laurels to the Institution.

MYP and DP results are a true representation of everything that we stand for at VKE – these dedicated, articulate young learners are product of the school and an inspiration not just in India, but all over the world.

MYP 2020 Results

VKE IBMYP 2019-20 students spotlight their regality again with a sparkling 100% success in IB MYP, Examination 2019-20. With first division marks to each one of the 73 students, twenty-one (21) students excelled by scoring above 50 out of 56 points (above 92.22%) steadily raising the level of aspirations and expectations. Amongst them, the top five (5) have scored + 98.7%.

These stunning results validate and confirm the VKE’s assurance of providing the best learning opportunities to thrive in the competitive and changing World. The results reflect the commitment of each student and dedication of every teacher, as a testimony to the impeccable grooming and systematic implementation of the MYP Programme.

Junior College – DP 2020 Results

Our graduating batch have already gained successful placements and scholarships in the best universities across the world. With the customary 100% passing record, the topper scored an outstanding 43 grade points out of 45, followed by 42 and 41 grade points. When steadily raising one’s own level of aspirations and expectations is made a habit, flaming victory becomes a routine at VKE.

As we notice a significant increase in the overall cohort performance, we can avow with great pride, that the students of VKE are much more than the mere sum of their IB scores. They are the future entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, researchers, engineers and scholars in their fields.

PYP and FYP Curriculum

The deeper the roots, the greater the fruits

The glorious results of MYP and DP somewhere have its strong roots from Foundation years and Primary years program. A 330 feet Oakwood Tree has its roots deep within, for it to stand so tall.

PYP – The Primary Years Programme follow an inquiry-based methodology with emphasis on the development of inquiry skills that involves questioning, exploring, contemplating and researching on various topics of interest, this in turn creates lifelong learners.

FYP – The Foundation Years Programme is a holistic educational programme using the concepts of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ and ‘Individual Learning Style’ founded by Howard Gardner. This programme is designed in a way that allows infants and toddlers to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

At VKE, we believe, “If the students have not learnt, it is we, the teachers and the school, have not taught?” Exposure to challenge, in a secure environment and appropriately reflected upon, can awaken a self-belief and resilience which can be transformative.

The Saga of Victory Continues at VKE…

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