Why do we worship God as Mother? (Part 6)

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(Continued from Part 5)…

On earlier occasions we have seen how a Mother can be a very calm, loving presence, like the ‘Shanta’. A Mother can be friend. A Mother can be sometimes, especially when we were very young; we treat our Mother, almost like a servant. “Mom, get me this, get me that.” And a Mother does that. This one relationship of God as “The Mother”, brings forth to several essential and yet the most important understandings. This in turn alone, with ‘The Divine Mother’s Grace’, would take us closer to God!


  1. Mother is always there to grant us whatever things we want – be it gains in spiritual journey, emotional balance, heightened intellectual prowess or abundance of material / physical prosperity? At page 16 & 17 of Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda describes, I quote, “Our family moved to Lahore in the Punjab. There I acquired a picture of the Divine Mother in the form of the Goddess Kali. It sanctified a small informal shrine on the balcony of our home. An unequivocal conviction came over me that fulfillment would crown any of my prayers uttered in that sacred spot. Standing there with Uma one day, I watched two kites flying over the roofs of the buildings on the opposite side of the very narrow lane. “Why are you so quiet?” Uma pushed me playfully.  “I am just thinking how wonderful it is that Divine Mother gives me whatever I ask.”   “I suppose she would give you those two kites!” My sister laughed derisively. “Why not?” I began silent prayers for their possession. Matches are played in India with kites whose strings are covered with glue and ground glass. Each player attempts to sever the string of his opponent. A freed kite sails over the roofs; there is great fun in catching it. In as much as Uma and I were on the balcony, it seemed impossible that any loosed kite could come into our hands; its string would naturally dangle over the roofs. The players across the lane began their match. One string was cut; immediately the kite floated in my direction. It was stationary for a moment, through sudden abatement of breeze, which sufficed to firmly entangle the string with a cactus plant on top of the opposite house. A perfect loop was formed for my seizure. I handed the prize to Uma.
  1. Starting from seeking blessings and guidance on how to, love Her (more intensely), how to increase our love through increasing our understandings of Her.
  1. How to depend on Mother completely, called “Surrender”. And then we may go ahead and ask her for material things as well. Be strong with that understanding that after all if we cannot ask our Mother, who then can we ask? The infinite potencies of sound derive from the Creative Word ~ “AUM”, and the cosmic vibratory power behind all atomic energies. Any word spoken with clear realization and deep concentration has a materializing value.
  1. Mother is the closest of all other relationship, who would never leave you and go away? You always have a silent and a complete connection with your Mother; whether you keep it a secret in your heart, talk about it at all or not?
  1. We see many similar such anecdotal records in the life of Bhagawan Ramakrishna. He is rolling on the ground of the temple garden of Dakshineswar and his cheek bleeding with the rubbing of the cheek on the surface of the stones He is wailing, crying out loud, “Mother, why don’t you show yourself to me. Are you Mrinmayee or Chinmayee?” His appeal for the search for Mother, reminds me of a child, two or three years old, banging on the washroom door and crying out loud, “Mama. Ayee, Mother, where are you?” Just because mother is out of his sight, signifies to him that as if mother is not there anymore, has gone away from his world? Often, we the adults think the same way, when we can’t see God and ignorantly jump to our small-minded conclusion that God does not exist?
  1. She is closest to us, closest of all and yet lovingly protecting us! The most powerful of all and lovingly, unseen by most, is guiding us all. Let us pray to Mother, “Asato Ma Satgamaya, Tamaso Ma Jyotir gamaya, Mrityor Ma, Amritam gamaya. Take us Mother from unreal to real, darkness to light, ignorance to bliss and death to immortality.” She is the one, as Prakriti, as Mother Kali, dancing on top of the infinite Shiva, who is apparently helplessly lying beneath her feet?

To be continued…

“To be or not to be, with my Mother?”


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