Why do we worship God as Mother? (Part 8)

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(Continued from Part 7)…

All creation according to the above way of thinking comes from Mother. The Mother brings everything into being, its Mother’s power that sustains the universe and it is through, into Mother that the entire universe, returns again. In fact, once Sri Ramakrishna had said, that all incarnations are really, Shakti’s incarnation. So in some ways although, later on as the concept develops, we speak about the Shakti of an Avatar’; is also the incarnation of Shakti. After all, the activities and everything else, which happens, on this Universe, happens due to Mother alone?

This faith, this knowledge, this deep conviction can come only when we know that God is our eternal beloved Mother, who never makes mistakes. God loves us. That’s the nature of love. If, when you love someone and that someone you love asks you for something. Then you know that really one thing is not good for that person. In fact, it will harm that person. The best way to express your love is to not give it. That’s a good reminder for all parents, grandparents and everyone.

When youngsters or children in your family come and ask you for something. Use your best judgment and see whether it is good for them? If it is not good for them, find ways of not giving it to them. Because, sometimes love is shown through being strict. So, love doesn’t always mean saying, “Yes”.

To be continued…

“To be or not to be, with my Mother?”


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