Why is it amazing to be an Underdog? – By Arjun Raj

Why is it Amazing to be an Underdog? ~ By Arjun Raj

Our champion, Arjun Raj from PYP 5D, has very thoughtfully penned down a blog article. Let us read and find out why he thinks it’s amazing to be an underdog?

“Underdogs rejoice – why is it amazing to be an underdog? So first let me tell you what an underdog is. An underdog is when people expect you to lose, you can say it’s underestimating your capability. So, let me give you 3 reasons why it’s amazing to be an underdog. People expect you to lose but you tell them that “I will not give up”. The crowd sees that the opponent is stronger than you. So, keep them thinking that way. Let them keep cheering for your opponent, after a while they see the real you. Then you tell them “Surprised!! I am better than you think I am”.

The opponent is underestimating you so you can prove him wrong. The opponent is overconfident; he does not come prepared and he takes it easy. While you come over prepared and you play to win! When we defeat the opponent, we break his ego and confidence. We teach an important lesson; “confidence makes you win, and overconfidence makes you taste defeat. The best part of an underdog story is that we motivate and encourage other underdogs not to be scared, to be fearless!

Arjun Raj - PYP 5D

Recently I watched a movie Chak De India. In that movie there was a team of Indian women hockey players. Their first match was against Australia in which without any points they lost. In this situation they were the underdog because even their own committee was not cheering for them. They worked very hard over several months practicing and exercising. They decided to show that they were fearless. They started defeating their opponent teams – Korea, England, New Zealand, China, Japan. Then they made it till the finals against Australia. Again, in the penalties the last shot Australia was scoring while India was defending. Vidya Sharma the captain of the Indian Women’s Hockey Team, dived and saved the goal for India. That time when India won the world cup for the first time, it showed that we are FEARLESS while Australia had been the World Cup Champions for 6 times in a row.

Did you know the great Sachin Tendulkar was considered an underdog when he started at age 16, but he proved everyone wrong? I think, anyone can take over winners by being fearless! “


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