Student Council (2019-2020)

The aim of the Student Council is to work in cooperation with the Board of Management, staff and parents for the benefit of the whole school community. The Student Council seeks to build a relationship based on mutual respect and trust with all in the school, and supports the staff, management and parents in their efforts to create and maintain an environment encouraging to educational and personal development. As part of that process, the Student Council seeks to provide a line of communication for the same.

The council provides students an opportunity to develop new ideas and learn about responsibilities and teamwork. They develop leadership skills and problem solving skills.

This students-based organization promotes the mission and vision of the school. Students participating in the council maintain a high standard of personal conduct. Students develop and broaden their understanding of democracy and leadership as they actively partake in various activities that foster the image of the school environment.

The purpose of student council is:

  1. To develop positive attitude
  2. To practice good citizenship
  3. To promote harmonious relations throughout the school community
  4. To promote moral values among the students
  5. To provide a forum for student’s expression
  6. To plan special events or projects for the students
Student Council 2019-20

On 1st October 2019, the long-awaited oath taking ceremony of the Student Council took place at Victorious Kidss Educares. The Student Council is a body that works in close coordination with teachers, parents and the management for the welfare of the school community. The event was attended by Sir Robbin Ghosh (President VKE), Mrs. Saarada Ghosh (Principal), MYP and DP programme heads, teachers and students. The preparations for the programme had begun well in advance and several students had nominated themselves for various posts related to Student Welfare, Sports, Academics, Co-curricular Activities, Event Management and the overall management.

The results were announced in the midst of great enthusiasm. There was nail biting competition for a few posts that added zest to the event. Anoushka Shetty was announced the President of the Student Council with Sheel Agarwal as the Vice-President. Following this, the newly elected cabinet took the oath, pledging to carry out their duties with integrity. The President of the Student Council addressed the gathering by expressing her gratitude and sharing her vision.

After handing over the mantle of responsibility to the newly elected members of the Student Council, Dr. Ghosh enlightened the audience with his words of wisdom and emphasized that it is essential that we understand our true self and not be carried away by worldly pleasures. The class representatives for various grades from MYP 1 to DP 2 were also announced. The event came to an end but the joy of victory and a sense of pride, responsibility, dignity and duty lingered in the hearts of all those who attended the programme.

Student Council 2019-20

PresidentAnoushka Shetty
Vice PresidentSheel Agarwal
Extra-CurricularGayatri Sahaay
Assistant Extra-CurricularAntara Manurkar
Academic AffairsYashh Kotecha
Assistant Academic AffairsHasnain Koser
Student WelfareShubhankar Darbari
Assistant Student WelfareHazel Manghrani
Event ManagerOmkar Pathare
Assistant Event ManagerNihira Borade
Director of SportsKshitij Palekar
Assistant Director of SportsEshan Degamwar