Why IB? What is IB?

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Why should we send our kids to an IB School?
Why IB? What is IB?

The world our kids are going to face ~ when they grow up, is changing rapidly. To be truly successful in life, our kids need to be truthful, joyful and must have excellent character. Building these qualities in the students is possible through coupling the concepts of our Vedantic wisdom with the philosophy of IB. At the same time, we also want our kids to achieve material and financial success. The amalgamation of IB pedagogy and Vedantic teachings will, as we experience from our current kids, sure that your child is successful and will, in all aspects of life, be successful.

Today the knowledge that we learn in schools and colleges gets out-dated very in the very next (every) two to three years. All of this knowledge is, anyways, available, instantly and freely. Learning and memorizing more and more content is hardly of any use these days. To succeed in the current rapidly changing world, we need individuals who can think critically and creatively and can find solutions to problems faced by the society, nation and the world. We need to reflect if our traditional content based schooling system, which focuses only on examination and marks, (is actually) preparing our kids for this future. Are schools teaching for the conceptual understanding and building 21st century skills, or are they just focused on completing the content and competing for the top grade or percentage.

What actually matters for the 21st century children!? It is not the grades, standardized testing or teacher evaluation that matter at the end of the day. It is their character and inner strength! It is what William Butler Yeats, 1865-1939, Irish poet, says, ‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire’.

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Why do we worship God as Mother?

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Why do we worship God as Mother? – a simile to Navratra and Durga Puja

This compilation is with regards to the several pujas or the worships of “God as The Mother”~ during this month of October, we have Durga Puja (15th  – 19th October, 2018) and in the beginning of November, we have the Kali Puja (6th November 2018). These are just two of the forms in which God as Mother is worshipped in the Indian subcontinent and also now, in many other parts of the world. But, besides these two, God as Mother is worshipped in many other forms as well. Right now, we are celebrating what is named as ‘Navaratri’~ (10th October – 18th October, 2018) – the auspicious nine days and the nine nights, of the year. In southern parts of India, during these nine days, three aspects of the Divine Mother are worshipped – God as Saraswati, God as Kali and God as Maha Laxmi. A few days between the Durga Puja (19th October, 2018) and Kali Puja (6th November, 2018), another one would be worshipped in Bengal and other parts of India, on the full moon night of 23rdOctober (2018) – Kojagori Laxmi Mata. Read More

Divinize the life itself

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Being an atheist, a non-believer, a sceptic ~ is as per Vedanta one who does not believe in his own self. Believing in yourself is believing in God.

Krishna, as per Hindu Mythology, the God himself, becomes the chariot driver for Arjuna, when he sees Arjuna quitting. Krishna persuaded Arjuna, that he should stick to his duty as a warrior and engage the enemy. The Bhagavad Gita is presented as a conversation between Arjuna and Krishna, a man and his friend. In this case, as claimed in the Hindu mythology, the God Himself. Arjuna, as per the ancient heroic epic ‘Mahabharata’, is depicting people in this Samsara ~ live ~ like us ~ a seeker and a knower. The message in Bhagavad Gita is that ~ ‘In our day to day life, God himself is always there, to guide us, to protect us, to help us; only we have to surrender to Him unconditionally and trust Him’. The message in this Hindu book depicting a guide line for all of us, “Divinize the life itself’. Read More

Message for the Day

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Our mind, as per Vedanta, is a good servant but can be a very bad Master. Our mind is always trying to make us comfortable. Make who comfortable – this ‘I’. With that effort, it makes us isolated to only ‘me’ and ‘myself’ – desperate from others and ‘Isolation’. And we think, if we are only alone and be with ourselves, then nobody to contradict me and I will be happy. This is, as per Vedanta, is called ignorance and Mind remains as a Bad Master. Whereas thinking about ‘You’ makes us attain that tranquility, peace and happiness. Who is this ‘You’? Everyone else other than me could take us to that dream of ‘Togetherness’.

Separateness with I me and myself, takes us to ‘Isolation and Loneliness’. Thinking about you, on the other, takes us to ‘Togetherness’ and joy and happiness. Then you love to be ‘Alone’ but not lonely. You have peace within. With which, you always ‘Remember to Forgive and Forget’, everything bad in people and see the goodness alone. Read More

Words are meant to create Silence

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“Words are meant to create Silence”


‘Silence’ is where we come from and ‘Silence’ is where we go to.

Notice whenever, we are in peace or in a mood to pray, worship, even through rituals of singing and dancing forms of worship ~ through some other dogmas of worship or prayer, we eventually drift in to, slide in to silence. When we drift in to sleep, we go in to silent zone.

Please reflect on the power of this ‘Silence’. Read More

Why do we worship God as Mother? (Part 7)

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(Continued from Part 6)…

So we do see that, all of these different relationships, that we can form, we find some however, reflected in one-way or the other, in a Mother. So Mother therefore, we could say that according to this way of thinking, is to us, more of an all-encompassing ideal.

Now instances of Mother worship are found in all faith and traditions. But officially the practice was not encouraged in some parts of the world, after the patriarchal form of society came into being, to dominate many societies the world over. Read More

Why do we worship God as Mother? (Part 8)

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(Continued from Part 7)…

All creation according to the above way of thinking comes from Mother. The Mother brings everything into being, its Mother’s power that sustains the universe and it is through, into Mother that the entire universe, returns again. In fact, once Sri Ramakrishna had said, that all incarnations are really, Shakti’s incarnation. So in some ways although, later on as the concept develops, we speak about the Shakti of an Avatar’; is also the incarnation of Shakti. After all, the activities and everything else, which happens, on this Universe, happens due to Mother alone? Read More

Why do we worship God as Mother? (Part 9)

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(Continued from Part 8)…

May I encourage everyone, at all times, when have a Mother’s Puja, especially during this Mother season, as we go for all the pujas that had come up would be a good time, to reflect and meditate upon ‘How great our Divine Mother’ is and how easily she could be depended upon? We do have often times, a kind of a confusion in our mind, when we do have a puja going on, many of us probably, do not know exactly, what ritual is occurring or what exactly is happening? Although we do feel nice and a pleasant sense of sanctity, Whether or not we may not understand every little detail of the offering of flowers, the ritualistic worship of the Mother which are performed. But that time is well spend, even when the Mother is being invoked and worshipped, to look in our own hearts, to find that a little child within me is seeking the Divine Mother. Where she permanently reside. Read More