Chess Champion – Vinamra Tela

A budding Victorious Champion Vinamra Tela of PYP 4D has won many medals and certificates in various Chess Competitions during his journey to become an internationally rated chess player. Today this time he is 8 yrs and 11 months. After winning a Silver Medal in a competition organized by Victorious Chess Academy on 16th of July 2017, Vinamra subsequently won trophies for standing 7th in a competition organized by N.S. Chess Academy, Mumbai and 10th in Mayor Club Semi Classical Championship. In November 2017, he won another recognition through a Bronze Medal in Vibgyor Interschool Championship.

Vinamra, who has been playing Chess since the age of 6, recently participated in the ‘All India Open – Below 1600 International Rating Chess Tournament 2017’ which was held at Balewadi Stadium, Pune from 25th November to 28th November 2017. He successfully defeated an internationally rated player of rating 1128. His hard-work paid off and he earned an international rating of 1078 by FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs): World Chess Federation.

Chess develops logical thinking, improves memory and enhances cognitive activity. It enhances mental alertness to develop the thought processes towards strategic planning. Chess is an exercise of infinite possibilities for the mind, one that develops mental abilities used throughout life.

At Victorious Kidss Educares we focus on enhancing this immense intelligence present in the child’s brain from the time of conception in mother’s womb and from six weeks of babies after birth. World famous Early Child Brain Specialist and a Surgeon, Dr. Glenn Doman, Founder of Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential states, “Every child has at birth a greater potential of intelligence than Isaac Newton, Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci, ever used in their life.” Since being gifted is primarily a product of the environment, our school strives to provide that environment for our students who in turn grow up to be future Champions of our World, just like Vinamra Tela.

We believe in every child. We believe that there is a potential in every child. Discovering that inner potential is schooling, is parenting. Vinamra Tela is one such child and placing him on the right track is to give him the right ambience and freedom to explore. Our school’s mission and vision is to guide every child, focus them and give them the right vision to grow. Be compassionate to other people’s needs and make this world a better place to live. Congratulations to the parents for their excellent guidance.

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