Karate Kid ~ Anushka Dhiya

“All the strength and succor you want is within yourselves” ~ Swami Vivekananda

In an era, where we have an extraordinary quality and quantity of artists and engineers, where achieving the simplest of goals require an intense competitive mindset and decision making skills, it is but an obvious fact that we need to help our kids boost their self-confidence and find self-motivation from an early age when their brain is highly receptive to surrounding information. That way, this habit of self-sufficiency can be embedded in the depths of their core values rather than objectifying it as a mere topic in a value-education textbook. Physical strength and stability is also a major aspect involved in boosting a child’s mental and emotional abilities. Hence, it becomes a challenge, as a parent and as a school, for us to create varying opportunities which ultimately focus on our kids’ bodily development. And doing so will always come to fruition for the families as well as the school.

A satiating reward as such was recently bestowed upon one of our champions, Anushka Dhiya of PYP 1 B and her family as she secured a Gold in ‘Kata’ level which involves performing articulate positions and stances and a Bronze in ‘Kumite’ level of one-on-one fight in the Shotokan Karate Championship organized by the ‘Shotokan Karate Association ~ the spirit of United Power’. At a blossoming age of 6, she emerged victorious in both the categories competing against nearly 50-70 kids.

She achieved this rare feat after earnestly practicing Shotokan for the past seven (7) months, therefore, becoming one of the youngest karateka in Victorious Kidss Educares. Along with her determination towards fitness and strength, Anushka also likes to express her artistic side with colors and melodies. She enjoys playing various instruments and to her, it is music, which overwhelms the heart. Painting is also one of her dearest hobbies. In her free time, she loves fusing multiple colors on a page recreating her varied imagination. We, at VKE, frequently contrive several activities to help our young kids realize and indirectly inculcate such self-improving values in their daily life. We feel more than rewarded when our champions prove their confidence and faith in their own selves by winning at multifarious aspects of lives.

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