Personal Project Exhibition

The 1st and 2nd of February 2019 marked the culmination of one of the most important and celebrated event of VKE. The journey of the Personal Project concluded with a grand exhibition which involved all the 59 students of MYP 5 showcasing their skills developed and goals achieved with hard work, enthusiasm and zeal. They stand feeling accomplished and bask in the glow of their achievements as they run the last lap of the course. The completion of personal project has embellished their personalities with a new sense of being, as they look back to see their passion and interest, molding into a creative way. Whether it was deciding the mark for themselves, or pushing themselves to overcome the challenges or seeing their project completed, each step that they take brings in a new learning, evolving them into a better human being.

This year the Personal Project exhibition raised the bars and set examples for the next in line, MYP 4 students. The exhibition held an array of projects ranging from writing books to educate as well as to entertain, pinhole photography, managing events and being an environmentalist and giving back to nature by creating paper to wood furniture, converting plastic to fuels as well as increasing sustainability of poultry. The exhibition was a powerhouse of new learning and an eye opener to what a child can achieve if he/she sets his heart to it. Achieving the goal of being ready for 2028, our millennials are setting a high bar and retaining the faith of humanity in mankind.

The exhibition was witnessed by the entire school community and visitors from other international schools. Their commendations have proved the exhibition to be a grand success.

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