Your child is a gift from God, what you make out of your child 15 years from today, would be your gift back to the God. All children have infinite power of ‘The Supreme Cosmic Intelligence’. They are born to win. It is only we as parents and teachers, with our limited vision, sometimes become the boulders on their path to become winners.

Young children are far more capable of learning and excelling than we can ever imagine. Siya Shah, from PYP-3 Emerald, is one such all-rounder child. She is an expert National level swimmer, a freestyle Slalom skater and achiever at District level, now she is winning laurels in Karate and pursuing Horse riding, with a goal to excel in it too. It is remarkable that she is doing all this, while keeping a good academic record.
H. Jackson Brown Jr. said it right, “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa or Albert Einstein, had in their lives”

Victorious Kidss Educares believes in nurturing and grooming children’s character, developing their appetite for learning and excelling. Siya’s latest achievement is two laurels won in ‘Goa Open All India Karate Championship’ on 11th November, 2018. She won 2 Bronze medals in Katha (Sequence of Karate movements) and Kumite (fight).
Siya participated in (5-7) year age group category and outperformed from amongst 60 participants. She had to fight 6 challenging rounds to gain the medal. Facing the crowd, handling the pressure and shining like a conqueror is not easy. Behind every success, there is hard work, concentration, perseverance, attitude, fearless approach and confidence. We appreciate the inspiration and motivation from her mother, father and teacher to inculcate a “winner” in her.

We believe in ‘Success’ for every child. How could it not be? When God’s seed is in every child. Discovering that divine power from within is schooling, is parenting.

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