Meet Aadya, the sweet storyteller

If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world!!

At the age of 5 and half, Aadya Bhardwaj loves creating new stories each night with her mom and runs a YouTube channel of ORIGINAL stories. All the stories on her channel are unique, where the character and background is also created by them. Just completed her SKG, she has a unique way of imagination, which is liked by kids of her age, and they also dive deep into the unforgettable dreamy journey of the stories. She narrates the story with her mom, playing the youngest character and gives voice for that character.

There is an array of stories, with different styles, varied inspirations and excellent morals. From the main character Susan in “Susan wants to fly” to the cute little baby star who falls from the sky, who walks the rainbow bridge with her friends giving a strong message about helping and encouraging differently abled friends. Aadya talks about the importance of saving paper with Arthur’s and Banyan Tree Ben’s story. 

Aadya’s little venture with the help of her mother is a YouTube channel where she narrates original stories. All kids love stories at this age, but the urge make her own new inspiring stories and drawing out a character is unique. Isn’t it the love for learning, love for exploring new horizons? Discovering the hidden potential from within, is parenting, is schooling! Please click here to view the Youtube channel. 

Her effort was covered by the prestigious TOI. Click here to read.

Today’s small steps lead to tomorrow’s big dream.

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