Budding Poet ~ Aaryav Bhattacharya

Our champion nine (9) years old, an IB student Aaryav from PYP 3E of Victorious Kidss Educares, has made the most of his locked in time indoors. He has discovered his hidden potential, the poet within. Taking advantage of the quiet time while his Mom or Dad were busy catching up with their bit of work, he found a way with words and tried his hand at poetry. Discovering this secret power from within is parenting, is schooling.

Aaryav says, “My major hobby is Poetry and reading books. I also play indoor games with my family. I am currently working on a book, which Ill share later. I pray in the evenings & do a few minutes meditation. I practice a lot of maths & do school assignments in specific timings”. 

His poem will say the rest, whilst we share three of them, 

  • How I spend my lock-down days:

Once I took leave;

I told my mother “heave”

I put my nose in a book;

With some Cornflakes I took! [D]

  • COVID-19

Once humans were living in peace;

But there was no mercy to the trees.

The animals told God “please help!!”

God told “don’t worry! They will be kelp” [1]

Then God sent this virus called Corona;

Which happened in December.

It’s place of origin was China;

Which went on to ruin mankind. [2]

Humans told God “please forgive humankind;

We don’t even get a Bacon rind.

Please, at least give us food;

In return, we’ll be good” [3]

Thus humans improved their ways;

More animals came on the paves.

Thus God stopped Corona;

& ended severe Pneumonia! [4]

Written on 19/04/2020

A Day at the Beach

Aaryav’s thoughts before writing the poem, “I was getting bored. I wanted to go somewhere, but I couldn’t think of any place. Then, a thought suddenly occurred to me. Why not the beach? So, I packed all the things I needed in a beach: 1 pair of flip flops, beach shorts & my beach toys. So, I set off for the beach. When I reached, I had this experience”-

I saw the sky in a heavenly hue;

Also that trickling sea, a sea blue.

The sun was shining very bright;

And the color of the sand was very light! [1]

Then I took out my beach toys;

Just then I saw a porpoise.

I started having some fun;

Seeing some children on the run! [2]

While I was basking in the sun;

Some people called me to have fun.

With them I was playing sea Cricket;

Then I saw a man with his pet! [3]

I told him “hello, how are you?”

He told “fine. How d’you do?”

“I’m fine. D’you want to play sea cricket?”

“Nah! I wanna walk with me pet” [4]

I left, rather sadly;

But it didn’t go badly.

I started to build a castle;

Which I decorated rather wrongly. [5]

I improved my decoration;

Thus ended my vacation.

I said goodbye to the waves;

Now I will go home to the pave! [6]

Written on 18/4/2020

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