Why do we worship God as Mother? (Part 2)

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Why do we worship God as Mother? (Part 2)

…(Continued from Part 1)

Maya is not known because in reality it does not make sense. Because if the reality is really infinite, if something is really infinite, how could it become finite? And if you could become finite, then we have to begin questioning, whether it was infinite in the first place? If something that is one and then became many, then we still have to ask, which is real? Was that one real or these many that have appeared from it, now in front of us, are real?

So this sense of mystery or wonder, of all this one whole or from the different frame of reference, when we speak about creation means that something, which are coming out of nothing. Now that’s also a form of wonder. We might like to say, “Everything is possible. Well, nothing is impossible for God?” That is just saying it. But still how could all of this come from nothing, that’s one way of expressing our question and our wonder. And a second way is, if all of this was really one and undivided, how did it become many and divided?

At present we don’t really have to go into the metaphysics of it. But there is a lot of discussion in books, whether the one really became many or appeared to be many and so on. But we cannot deny that our present experience, the kind of world in which we find ourselves, is a world filled with various kind of things, various kind of beings, various kind of species and just to consider, even the material expanse of the world. Think about the galaxies; galaxies beyond the galaxies. Even to think about it at the material level, is just mind-boggling.

So that’s our present experience. The world in which we are, we are very big, we are all different beings, all separated from one another and also if we believe that there is some such being called, ‘God’ or higher power, we and almost all of us, believe that we are separated from that higher power as well.

To be continued…(Part 3)

“To be or not to be, with my Mother?”

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