Gandhi Jayanti

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Gandhi Jayanti

“Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Jayanti 2021Exactly 152 years ago from today, the small town of Porbandar witnessed the birth of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Little did his parents know that this boy, years later, would become one of the greatest men the world had ever seen. It has been 72 years since MK Gandhi departed from our midst, and yet, his life and philosophies continue to touch the lives of millions of people, transcending national and international boundaries. 

Like most of us, Gandhiji was a simple Indian, and yet, through his powerful ethics, ideals, beliefs, and sacrifices for India’s independence, he earned the title of ‘Mahatma’ ~ ‘the Great Soul’. Gandhiji placed a great emphasis on truth. In fact, if you take a glimpse at Gandhiji’s life, it would perhaps be the most beautiful snapshot of love, peace, and truth. In his own words, “The only way of realizing God is by developing a pure and noble character ~ based on virtuous action grounded in truth”.

No other nation in the world has placed such large intensity on the virtues of truth, peace, togetherness, than India ~ Bharat. The ‘Bha’, stands for Brahmajyothi ~ universal light of love; and ‘Rat’ stands for the people who follow this knowledge. The inscription on the Ashok Stambha reads, ‘Satyameva Jayate’ ~ ‘Truth alone shall win’. Despite having such a powerful foundation, as Indians, we seem to have forgotten our country’s very essence. It is time for us to reclaim these lost virtues, imbibe them in our lives, and work towards the betterment of our nation.   

Today, we celebrate the birthday of ‘The Father of the Nation’, as Gandhi Jayanti, as the ‘International Day of Non-Violence’.  With the amount of hatred, jealousy, anger, dishonesty and malevolence in the society, the need for his teachings of love, peace, non-violence (Ahimsa), and truth, is crucial now more than ever. On this Gandhi Jayanti, let us follow the ethics and ideals of Gandhiji, and adapt them as a way of life. Let his efforts towards the upliftment of the society, and building religious and ethnic amity be a guiding light for us to let us hold on to the truth, help one another, and spread universal love

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